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Cheap holiday in Gran Canaria
Canarias: 4 steps to plan your CHEAP HOLIDAY spending about 350 Euros per flight, car and accommodation.

Never before in recent times the prudent management of our capital can afford to save money without necessarily giving up something.
Today I'd like to help you to organize a cheap holiday to Gran Canaria without sacrificing service and comfort.

Gran Canaria is a perfect place for holidays all year round.


First step: 

Plan your holiday to Gran Canaria

First you need to speak with the people with whom you want to go on vacation (family, friends), you sit down around the table and choose a time that fits for everyone (and as some of you know... this is the most difficult part of whole process).

You probably will have to succumb to the blackmail of your wife to accompany her to the crowded shopping center on Saturday afternoon (hard time for you), than you will have to drink a can of beer with your friends and watch the latest "exciting" 130 cartoons episodes with your children.
At the end, exhausted, with red eyes and feeling a bit tipsy, you get what you want: the exact date of your next vacation!
Well, brave heroes, now you can book the flight.

Second step: 

Book a flight to Canary Islands

The price of the flight influences a lot on the trip and that is why we must act in advance.

If you do not know what low cost airlines there are in the airport closest to you, look here: GRAN CANARIA FLIGHTS.

Book at least two or three months in advance so you can ensure an affordable rate. 
I recommend you subscribe to newsletters of various airlines. This way you will be notified by email concerning periods with discounted rates or, if you have more time and patience, monitor the period you are interested in. No only...

cologne -gran canaria low cost flight
Example of a flight from Cologne (Germany) to Gran Canaria: 116€ round trip

However the prices are variable; often they rise and fall, and if you keep monitoring them, you will have enough flexibility. If book in advance, you can easily find a flight to 70-90 euro each way per person.
Once you've booked your flight the hard part is done and you can relax.

Third step: 

Find a cheap Accommodation in Gran Canaria

Write a list of what you need regarding accommodation (number of beds, shower / bath, swimming pool, parking, wi-fi ...)
If you prefer Hotel, Apartment or Villas and take a look at the various web sites like:

  • Airbnb. To find private apartments in the Canary islands.
  • Booking. To find Hotels or villas in Gran Canaria.
  • Agoda. To find Hotels and secret deals.

In this case the Airbnb link will take you directly to my apartment, but nothing prevents you from doing other research. It depends on what you need.

For example, my apartment is located in the souther portion of Gran Canaria: in Puerto Rico, at the top of the hill. It is ideal for sunbathers, walkers... Here's a nice breeze, the sea is calm, the beaches are protected from strong winds so here you can always swim, even in winter.

canary islands
Amadores Beach
In Puerto Rico there is everything: nightlife, relaxation, water sports, shopping, numerous restaurants, pharmacies and so on.

If you are traveling with children, I would recommend don't go too far from this area. Also it is convenient for those who want to explore the island by car.

If you like surfing I recommend the north of the island or Pozo Izquierdo in the municipality of Saint Lucia. There are strong winds and high waves, reaching 1 to 3 meters. Here, however, I would suggest that you bring your jacket, not a swimsuit.

Watch a quick video of the Puerto Rico area: Amadores Beach

I remind you that the peak season in the Canary Islands is not in the summer but it is from October until Easter. During the high season, it will be very difficult to find a cheap and decent apartment in the south of the island because a lot of retired people spend their time here.
You'd better book in advance.

Another way to save money on accommodation is to seek "the deal of the day." With you can book in advance, and pay on arrival. Usually the cancellation policy allows you to cancel without cost, so, in case of "program change" you can easily cancel your reservation without losing money.

Beware of all of the fees associated with the accommodations, and find out exactly what is included in the price. Pay attention or you will have to pay for everything: microwave, kettle, tv that works with coins (usually only spanish channels), bedlinens, parking, etc. I speak from experience.
You should be careful in the choice of place. Attractive opportunities may be near a nightclub, so if you to find a peaceful area to stay… well, you'd better choose a quiet area.

Last step:

Rent a car online

 4. The last step is to rent a car, you can do it just before leaving but
I recommend you to book your car directly from the airport because it costs less and is more comfortable.

TIP: I noticed that in high season, prices rise if you book the car a few days before leaving, in this case it is best to do it before.

    1- Write the country where you pick up the car (Las palmas, Gran canaria Airport)
    2- Choose the dates of the stay, and the time when you expect to arrive. 
    This will give you an estimate of prices.

    More or less it is about 100/120€ a week for a small car (Opel corsa, Fiat panda, Ford fiesta… ).
    That’s all... Easy and cheap.



    1. Gran Canaria Flight: This is about 150 euros per person, round trip
    2. Puerto Rico Accommodation: my apartment costs 285-315 euros per week. € 150 per person per week (2 Guests) or € 100 Euros per person per week (3 guests)
    3. Gran Canaria Rental Cars: 60€ per person a week (2 passengers) or 40 Euros per person per week (3 passengers)
    Total: 150+150+60 = 360 € per person in a group of 2 people
    150+100+40 = € 290 per person in a group of 3 people.

    Come on... Try it yourself. Use the links that I have provided you, I'm sure the price will be similar to what I wrote above.

    Bon Voyage!
    October 2016
    Moira R.J.

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