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ITALIAN traditional FOOD: what to eat in Italy

Italy what eating
ITALIAN traditional FOOD
Discover Italian cooking travelling

Tell me where you are going to holiday in Italy and I'll tell you what you eat.
When you think of Italy immediately come to mind Pasta, pizza and ice cream, three elements that characterise it all over the world.
But Italy is not only this.

Based on the regions you visit in Italy, I tell you, the Italian speciality absolutely to taste.

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Italian cuisine is creative and imaginative and one of the richest in the world.
The climate varies in different regions allows to obtain different products.

It is a cuisine rich in tradition with authentic dishes, simple that enhance the natural flavors of the various local products.
We make an overview of the various regions of Italy in order to understand better the specialties.


Travelling in Liguria? Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Alassio, Bordighera, Camogli, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Portovenere...

Here you can find dishes based on fish and herbs including the famous pesto that is used as a condiment on pasta or added to vegetable soups. Always present pies with vegetables and various types of buns.

italian dishes

What to eat in Liguria:

  • Torta pasqualina (salty cake)
  • Focaccia di Recco (street food)
  • Trofie al Pesto (pasta)
  • Canestrelli e Baci di dama (sweet)

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Travelling in PIEDMONT - PIEMONTE. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Torino, Sestrière, Lago Maggiore...

One of the most refined cuisines of Italy; stand out dishes based on rice as the "paniscia", the famous Alba truffles, "bagna cauda" typical hot sauce with vegetables dipped bread and anchovies. Famous various boiled meats and delicious chocolates Gianduiotti typical of the area.

Traditional Piedmont food
Agnolotti: fonte Pinterest

What to eat in Torino:

  • Vitello tonnato (meat)
  • Agnolotti (pasta)
  • Brasato al barolo (meat)
  • Pesche ripiene  (fruit)
  • zabaione (sweet)
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Travelling in AOSTA VALLEY - VAL D’AOSTA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Aosta, Saint Vincent, Courmayeur...

Dishes based on cereals, beef and pork, dairy products including cheese Fontina Val d'Aosta fondue and typical sauce made of various cheeses.

Italian traditional Aosta food

What to eat in Aosta:
  • Fonduta Valdostana (cheese cream)
  • Gnocchi alla fontina (pasta)
  • Caffè valdostano (drink)
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Travelling in Lombardy - LOMBARDIA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Milano, Bergamo, Como, Lago di Garda...

Dishes abound in this region based on freshwater fish, especially in the Lombardy lakes area, the milk cheese, the meat with its boiled and stews, rice and corn. Widespread and 'the use of polenta as a side dish to accompany meat with various sauces. One of the many specialities' of this region are the pork tripe, and sausage. In Milan the lively Milano, you can enjoy a good risotto alla Milanese, the tasty schnitzel and under the Christmas period also typical dessert par excellence Panettone.

Lombardy traditional food
Pizzoccheri Valtellinesi

What to eat in Milan:
  • Ossobuco (meat)
  • Cassoeula (meat)
  • Pizzoccheri (pasta)
  • Cotoletta alla milanese (meat)
  • Bresaola della Valtellina (meat, cold cuts)
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    Travelling in TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Merano, Pinzolo, Riva del Garda, Canazei...

    In this region abound dishes with soups of all kinds, for example, the Panada. Very important also cheeses and cold cuts including the famous Speck.

    Traditional italian food Alto adige
    Canederli. Fonte: Pinterest

    What to eat in Trento:
    • Canederli (pasta)
    • Wurstel (meat)
    • Carne salata (meat)
    • Polenta (dish made of corn flour)
    • Strudel (sweet)
    To BUY in this Region:

    • Speck 
    • Formaggi: Caprino di Cavalese, Graukase, Puzzone di Moena...

    Travelling in FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Caorle, Grado...

    It is a rustic and simple cuisine but offers so many different flavors, from cereals and vegetable soups, vegetables and meats to the cotechini combinations and turnips.

    italian food
    Baccalà alla triestina. Fonte: Pinterest

    What to eat in Friuli:
    • Polenta pasticciata (dish made of corn flour)
    • Baccalà alla triestina (fish)

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    Travelling in VENETO. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Venezia, Verona, Cortina d Ampezzo…

    A typical dish is the famous salt cod, especially the one at Vicenza, as well as the Treviso Radicchio that finds various uses in the kitchen. Another typical dish is the Venetian liver. Inevitable here too the polenta that accompanies various meat dishes.

    Italian dishes
    Risi e Bisi, Fonte: Pinterest

    What to eat in Venezia:
    • Baccalà (fish)
    • Bigoli (pasta)
    • Risi e Bisi (rice)
    • Fegato alla veneziana (meat)
    • Pandoro (sweet)
    To BUY in this Region:

    • Vini veneti: Soave, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Recioto.

    Travelling in EMILIA ROMAGNA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Rimini, Imola, Bologna…

    Rich and tasty dishes based on pasta of various types accompanied by the famous Bolognese sauce made with meat and tomato. The tortellini in broth are another popular dish in these areas. Another speciality is stuffed sweet or savoury flatbread. In coastal areas, various dishes based on fish meals including soup.

    Regional italian food
    Lasagne alla Bolognese; Pinterest

    What to eat in Rimini:
    • Cappelletti (pasta)
    • Lasagne alla bolognese (pasta)
    • Passatelli (pasta)
    • Tagliatelle al ragù (pasta)
    • Zampone (meat)
    To BUY in this Region:

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    September 2016
    Simona R.

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