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  • Least windy beach of Fuerteventura: Caleta de Fuste beach is sheltered from the wind. 
  • Best months to stay in Fuerteventura: end of September, October, first day of November.

Are you looking for the less windy beaches of Fuerteventura, where there are no high waves for your next holidays? In this article we talk about which is the the least windy country among Corralejo, Costa Calma, Caleta de fuste or Jandia. It is really hard to predict if wind will affect your holiday but we can try to do an average about the less and windier months.

best beaches in Fuerteventura

Is Fuerteventura windy? 

I'm planning my first trip of the year! We are leaving for a traveling holiday in Fuerteventura! 10 days staying in 3 different areas to better see the island up and down without driving too much in a day.

  • I already know that Fuerteventura is windy, indeed it is where the surfing championships take place, so I leave with windbreakers, cotton scarf and sweatshirts to protect myself by the wind.

If you are also planning a trip to Fuerteventura, I want to share with you my studies on climate about the less windy areas in winter.
During my traveling trip to discover villages, beaches and wonderful views, I want to spend at least one afternoon in the less windy beach of Fuerteventura.

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Is Fuerteventura windy in August?

  • July and August are the windiest months. This is the period in which the world windsurfing championship takes place.

In the South area (Sotavento, Jandia) the wind is very annoying in summer season and it reaches its peak in August.

During the other months the wind decreases, or rather, is alternated by windy days and others less.
The average is 10 to 30km/h

is fuerteventura windy

If you do not like the wind and are planning to stay in Fuerteventura in summer, it is better to avoid the south-east area even if Sotavento beach is one of the most beautiful of the island.

Also the western area of ​​Fuerteventura is more windy than the other coast.
It is better to stay in Corralejo or Caleta de Fuste.

Caleta de Fuste beach is sheltered from the wind, while Corralejo is suitable for those that looking for a nightlife and it is also closer to Lanzarote and the island of Lobos.

Another area that I particularly love is Morro del Jable: a long beach and sunny beach. It is possible to sunbathe without the hassle of the wind being sheltered under the coastal rock. Sea warm even in January.

fuerteventura hottest part

Fuerteventura wind statistics

  • In September and October the wind decreases. In this period, especially if you stay on the east coast of Fuerteventura you should not be overwhelmed by the wind.

The windiest time of the year in Fuerteventura: June, July, August
The wind is very annoying  in August.
December, February, March, April, May: mild wild.
Best months to stay in Fuerteventura: end of September, October, first day of November.
Least windy beach of Fuerteventura: Caleta de Fuste beach is sheltered from the wind. 
Is Fuerteventura windier than Lanzarote? Similar.
Is Fuerteventura windier than Tenerife and Gran Canaria? Of course.

Fuerteventura best cities: 

⇨ Corralejo, the most popular city.
⇨ Caleta de Fueste: beach life, several bars and shops.
⇨ Morro del Jable: wide beach, ideal for sunbathing and long walks on the water's edge.
⇨ El Cotillo: Immerse yourself in the nature of Fuerteventura for those who love small fishing villages, beautiful beaches and excellent seafood restaurants. Crystalline sea.


  • Fuerteventura is windy but there are some areas where it will be easier do not eat sand.

Of course, it depends on the period: if you are unlucky and you find a bad weather day, there is no way out.

There are days very windy mediated by others in which there is only a nice breeze.

los lobos
Lobos island

If you travel with children and want to stay in a sheltered part of Fuerteventura, it is better stay in October in Caleta de Fuste: it is the best month to stay in Fuerteventura not only climatically but also the sea water is a bit more warm compared to previous months.

is fuerteventura windy?
Caleta de fuste

The ocean water is cold for children but playing on the seashore and walking in the water, even in late winter, is always possible.

How to prevent the wind ruin your holiday?

Booking in a structure with the swimming pool surrounded by a wall, so if the wind if so strong that you can't stay to the beach you can remain in the resort and sunbathing.

Pay attention: the sun, not mitigated by the wind, is very hot!
Beware to erythema and sunspots and protect yourself with a sunscreen protection (50 sfp).


The last recommendation is to avoid the area called "Costa Calma" if you are looking for a no-windy beach in Fuerte especially in July and August. Here are the major centers for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

I would to say that, in general, the east coast of Fuerteventura is the less windy area, except for Sotavento and Costa Calma. The major part of the beaches are sandy with a calm sea except for those particular days that can not be foreseen.

If you choose the villages enclosed in a bay you will have more chances to be sheltered from the winds. So I advise you to stay in one of these 3 locations:

- El Cotillo Lagoon protected from the rocks,

how windy is fuerteventura
La concha , el cotillo in February

- The Corralejo bay (Muelle chico) beach front.

- Caleta de Fuste.

Castillo Beach Resort for those looking for a beachfront hotel a Caleta de Fuste.

Apartments in residence in Caleta de Fuste if you are looking for something more informal but always in a great location near the center and the beach.

However, if you hate the wind, it is better choose the southwest area of Gran Canaria or the southeast part of Tenerife.


Renting a car in Fuerteventura is super recommended: it is the best way to visit the island from North to South.

Affordable prices and easy road conditions favor the use of the car.

How much hire a car in Fuerteventura cost?

I spent about 130 € for 10 days to hire a car. I always book the car online on Rentacars to be able to evaluate and choose the best rate. Pay attention: if you rent a car directly in the airport at you arrival, will be more expensive.

For my trip I have chosen TopCar company because I often use it to go to my home in Gran Canaria and always I have a good experience. In addition, compared with other companies available for the period selected, it has a low franchise cost: € 300 against € 600 or € 1000 of other car rental companies.

For those who do not have a credit card to book the car, with the TopCar, in this specific case, you can book your car with a debit card. This option is quite unusual.

If you find this information useful to organize a holiday in Fuerteventura, share the article with your friends using one of the social buttons.

Thank you and have a nice trip!

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Updated january 2018
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