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How do I join Booking without paying commissions. How register a property? How to register on booking as an host? Sign up on Booking. Listing a property on Booking. fees for hosts. Booking how to become partner. contact number. How can I set up my property? How do I list my hotel on booking.

If you want to list an apartment on Booking or vacation home, hotel, Guest house, B&B, Homestays, Campgrounds... Follow my step-by-step guide to understand what will be required during the registration process.

UPDATING: this promotion will end on April 28th 2020


  1. List your apartment on Booking: and pay no commission on your first 5 bookings

Sign up an apartment with Booking is easy. To start your registration on Booking, click the following link to go to sign-up page ⇨ Register your property on Booking as you can see in the image below. Enter Your first and last name, an email and click the "Get started ↦" button.

UPDATING: this promotion will end on April 28th 2020

With this "Promo link", you can register on Booking for any property: a hotel, B&B, vacation home, as a hotelier or as a simple owner of a private apartment.
By subscribing to Booking with the promotional link, you will not pay the commission on the first 5 booking you'll receive. You will earn 100% of the amount set for your property without paying the commission to Booking.

list an apartment on booking

For example, if you receive a reservation worth € 1000, you will not have to pay to Booking € 150 for their brokerage (equal to 15% commission).

List a property on Booking

To remind you to join on Booking 2020 promotion, the ad must be created within 30 days of the initial registration with the invitation link, otherwise it will expire. You can read the terms and conditions on the registration page.

From this page, by entering the required data, the guided registration will start which is very simple and intuitive.
  • Step 2 to sign up for booking: enter your data and password
Enter your name and surname, your e-mail address and click on "Get started ↦" button.

The password must be 8 letters long and must contain at least one letter and one number. Enter your phone number.

  • Step 3 to list a property on booking: what type of accommodation you want to register?

The sign up process begins. Booking will ask you which type of property you want to register. You can choose among:
List an Apartment - Furnished, independent accommodations available for short- and long-term rental
List a Villa - Private, freestanding and independent home with a luxury feel
List a Cabin: Freestanding home characterized by a sloping roof and rented specifically for vacations
List a Vacation Home - Freestanding home with private, external entrance and rented specifically for vacation
List a Guest house - Private home with separate living facilities for host and guest
List a B&B - Private home offering overnight stays and breakfast
List a Ryokan - Traditional Japanese-style accommodations with meal options
List Riads - Traditional Moroccan accommodations with a courtyard and luxury feel
List Homestays - Private home with shared living facilities for host and guest
List a Campground - Accommodations offering cabins or bungalows alongside areas for camping or campers, with shared facilities or recreational activities
List a Country House: Private home in the countryside with simple accommodations
List a Farm Stay - Private farm with simple accommodations
List a Boat: Commercial travel accommodations located on a boat
List a Luxury Tent - Tents with fixed beds and some services, located in natural surroundings.

  • Step 4 to sign up for Booking: write the characteristics of the accommodation, define the prices, add the photos.

During the Booking registration process you will have to enter the following information:

- Your property details (including facilities, rooms, etc.).
- Photos: you only need one to get started! You can add more later.
- Payment details
- A signed agreement (completed at the end of the registration).

To Know: In the initial registration process on Booking, You will NOT be asked to enter the periods available for renting your property, you will do it later when they give you access to your private dashboard.
The Booking editor will write for you your AD in 41 different languages so enter truthful information.


Once list your property, you can see your AD.

If you want to edit or add something, you can contact the partners assistance center by message in the Extranet area.

Select "Photos and descriptions" from the drop-down menu and write what you want to edit.

Over the years, the settings and methods to list a property on Booking may change but the path to register and to modify the details is very intuitive and linear.

  • Step 5 to sign up for Booking: read the Booking contract

After completing everything, you can send the registration request on Booking but first you must read and accept the Booking contract.
Take your time. The registration on Booking can be done in several days.

You just have to re-click the invitation link, look under the button "Get started", you will see this sentence:

Already started registration? Continue your registration.

  • Step 6 to sign up for Booking: access your dashboard and define the latest things

You will receive 2 emails:

1 - The first with the reference numerical code.
2 - You’ll then be able to access your admin dashboard (the ‘extranet’), where you can check and update all your property details at any time, including reservations, rates and availability and payment information.

Sign up on Booking

Example of personal dashboard. This is translated into Italian, yours will be in your language. You will have a similar one, perhaps with an updated layout, where you can manage reservations, calendar availability, rates and much more.

How much does it cost to list a property on booking?

Entering a property on Booking is completely free. You will only have to pay a commission, if you receive a successful booking.

Booking fees can vary from 10% to 25% on the total of the set amount. The Booking commission percentage varies per country.

👉 Usually, the fee on Booking is fixed at 15% with no hidden costs for apartments, B&Bs, vacation homes... (Booking fee updated to 2020).

Go to this page ⇨ How Booking Works, scroll until you see the chapter: Pricing & Commission; from here you can estimate your net profit (without the Boooking percentage).

Remember: by subscribing to Booking with the promotional link, you will not pay the commission on the first 5 booking you'll receive.

booking fees for host

Anyway, You can find more information about the commission you pay in the Accommodation Agreement you'll sign before joining

Can I connect Booking calendar to Airbnb or VRBO? Synchronize the calendar. 

Yes you can connect Booking calendar to other calendars. Go to the Tab "Rates & Availability’" or "Calendar" in your extranet. If your property is eligible for this feature, you’ll see the option to "Sync calendars".

How to list my property on Booking?

  • Registration on Booking: How to contact Booking

If you need assistance, search for the "Messages" tab in your extranet page, you'll see a phone number to call in order to be assisted specifically for your accommodation.


If you are going to promote your property on multiple vacation rental sites, also read this article: HOW DO I LIST AN APARTMENT FOR RENT

Let me know how many days after listing your property on Booking, the first booking arrived. I wish you a successful business!

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Updated March 2020
by Moira Tips