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Is Fuerteventura windy?

Is Fuerteventura windy?

what is the windiest month in fuerteventura

Yes, Fuerteventura is windy. The windiest month in Fuerteventura is August.
Fuerteventura is the island of surfing! So it must be windy otherwise it would not attract many surfers. It is not an island that I recommend to people travelling with kids, but if you love the natural environments, the huge beaches without borders, you should go in Fuerteventura. The wind is a blessing in Fuerteventura because the sun is very very hot.

windiest month in fuerteventura
Morro Jable Beach

Are all resorts windy in Fuerteventura?

In my opinion all resorts are windy in Fuerteventura. If a day is windy, is windy everywhere while on no windy days it is torrid in all the places on the coast.

Sunniest place in Fuerteventura

The sunniest area of Fuerteventura is located in the south. The sunniest place is Morro del Jable, Jandia: the beach is very wide and you can stroll along it. There are a lot of German tourists here, while in Caleta de Fuste (in the middle of the island) there are more British tourists.

Usually, in Morro Jable, in case of strong wind, the beach staff put barriers to protect the sun umbrellas by the wind and guests from sand storms.

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