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TOP RENTALS SITES for listing your house

What do I need to know to rent out my house?
How do I find a tenant? Where I can put my rented apartment?
How much can you make at AirBNB?
How do you list on AirBNB and HOMEAWAY?
All the information, tips, experiences to earn money with short term rentals.

Welcome to the page dedicated to all people who want to earn money by renting a room, a holiday apartment, B & B, ... in a business or amateur way, with or without opening VAT.

Here you will find all relevant information about:
  1. How Rent an apartment for short term letting,
  2. Where Promoting your property,
  3. Many web-site where you can list your home.
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How and where RENT YOUR HOME!

In 2014, I started this adventure to rent my holiday apartment in Gran Canaria to pay communal expenses and earn an extra income.

In 2014 Airbnb was unknown in my country: in Italy. At the time I was using this platform only for low cost travel in comfortable apartments when I could not find cheap hotels.

In these years I have learned a lot by managing my little extra business. I studied,  algorithms, methods and systems to increase visibility and be a step ahead of my competitors.

I used many dedicate websites for my vacation rental.

Not only! I always look for alternative ways to promote home using different channels, websites and social (facebook, blog, pinterest...).
If you think it's enough to create an AD on Airbnb waiting to receive a thousand reservations, well ...
or you home is the Coliseum, or you have a problem. Have a single AD is not enough if you do not promote it.

Below you can see a list of websites where you can list your home: they are sites that use or have used to promote my home.

The ranking is subjective and, in my case, reflects the sites from which I get more bookings.
Have fun testing them. You never know which website will get more bookings until you experience.


affittare casa su airbnb

This portal is the first that I recommend.

The reasons are:

  • World Awareness.
  • You can list not only and entire apartment but also a bed , a room, a couch in a boat, a caravan, a tree house ...
  • Full control. You can rent your house even for one week a year and decide whether to accept a reservation or not. Set the price and change it when you want.
  • The private Airbnb owner page is very rich in options and tools: it can be customized in many ways.

In my opinion, it is easy to create an ad with some errors. Many people do not write enough detail, some do horrible pictures, others do not understand if they provide bed-bath linens or if parking is included in the price.

I have seen many unattractive ads during my researches. I am a Airbnb traveler and I find great difficulty in booking private home, especially in Italy because the host are "new" to this reality compared to the host of other nations like the Americans people.
Before finding suitable accommodation I have to waste precious hours of research and wait for hours or days to get an answer to my questions and, maybe, after the third host contacted I can find a good accommodation.
I assure you that not everyone has my persistence!

How to Rent your Apartment on AirBNB 

You just have to list your ad on the linked page below and follow the wizard. It will not take you more than 30 minutes and if you do not have enough time you can continue another day.
  1. Become a host. List for free in this Airbnb page.

(Create your ad for free on


Homeaway Family is a group of various websites with national and international visibility.

There are 2 options to list your house on Homeaway:
  • The first is by paying an annual subscription.
  • The second is list for free your ad and pay a percentage of 8% for each bookings confirmed.
I suggest you to list your home on the dedicated country portal where you have the house to promote and a second ad in the nation where you want to attract tourists.

For example I've list my home on Homeaway Italia and a second on Owners direct UK. From these 2 websites, that are part of the same family, I get 2 different types of tourists: English and Italian.

Which nation are you interested in?

ITALY? Click here to list your home on HomeAway Italy today - for FREE!
U.S.A? Click here to list your home on HomeAway United States or VRBO today - for FREE!
SPAIN? Click here to list your home on HomeAway Spain ad today - for FREE!

OWNERS DIRECT (now integrated by

promote house abroad

Owner Direct is a site that is always part of the family Homeaway but is primarily used in England. I use it and I receive several bookings from UK customers. Not only. I get reservations even from customers of other nationalities like the Germans (Fewo-direkt) and French (Abritel). See picture below.

affittare case vacanze ai russi e tedeschi

Homeaway: does it works?

I have two identical ads Homeaway one in Italy and one of Owners Direct, both with Flexi formula  and I admit that the second ad converts more than the first. On Homeaway Italy I've received bookings only by Italian people and the other, as I said before, people of different nationalities.

OPINION: One thing I found out, and that other host particularly attentive confirmed to me, is that the multi-ad on the same platform works.  If you list your house on your ad will also appear on partner websites, but I do not know why, when I listed another ad on Owners Direct, it convert better than other hosts who has only 1 AD.

Should you list your house too on Owners Direct or an other platform? It depends.

First, the site Owners Direct or Homeaway UK are completely written in English so if you speak this languages is easy for you.
If you want list your home on Homeaway Spain or Italy, you should know a bit of Italian or Spanish.

Knowing that European customers, or non-European (Russians, Americans ...) stays frequently in the area where the house we rent to tourists is very important because it allows us to focus on that nation by placing ads on local sites (as they will text them add other less known in Italy but targeted to a specific country). The demands increase.

What kind of tourists are there in your area? Where they come from?

If you want to be visible to European tourists you should think about placing your ad in a European portal: Spain, Italy, England.

If you want to be visible to American tourists you should think about placing the ad in a portal like: Homeaway usa, or vrbo.

In my case, having an apartment in Gran Canaria and helps people to rent them in Italy, it works.

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