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- Hottest canary island in december

The least windy places in tenerife.

    least windy  resort in the canary island
    least windy canary island

    - Which is the least windy area in Tenerife?

    - Which is the least windy between Lanzarote and Fuerteventua?

    • Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the windiest islands in the Canary Islands.

    - Which is the least windy area in Gran Canaria?

    • The least windy area of ​​Gran Canaria is located in the South-West. Municipality of Mogàn.

    Canaries: the less windy island

    My readers often ask me about which is the least windy island in the Canary Islands. I understand them... Maybe they travel with children or they, like me, are bothered by the wind.
     All the Canary Islands are windy but there are areas/countries more sheltered by wind and with beaches suitable in every season especially in the winter months like December, January and February.
    This is what we're going to find out in this article.


    I'm not a lover of places too windy: the wind annoys me a lot. For this reason, during my trips to Canary Islands, I always stay in resort sheltered from the strong wind. A sea breeze is pleasant, and inevitable if you're on an island but I avoid the places where the wind raises the sand and gets into my eyes.
    Let's start from the begin ...

    Winter sun holidays in the canary islands

    If your holiday in the Canaries is in the winter, and you are looking for the best place to sunbathe and swim in the sea, I suggest you to stay here:
    Tenerife is windy especially on the west coast (Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz ...).
    Las Vistas beach is also ideal for people travelling with children. The wind is minimal, except in bad weather days.

    Is Gran Canaria windy?

    In my humble opinion, the ideal island to take a winter break is Gran Canaria.
    The windiest area of ​​Gran Canaria is located in the North-east (airport area). Just below there is Pozo izquierdo well-known resort for surf lovers.
    The least windy area of ​​Gran Canaria is enclosed in the municipality of Mogan which includes several villages and the best known are:
    • Arguineguin, 
    • Puerto Rico, 
    • Tauro, 
    • Puerto de Mogan... 
    The beaches are in a basin, protected from strong winds, the sea is without waves.

    Playa Amadores

    Usually the temperatures are about 25 degrees but sometimes it happens (mostly at the end of summer) that they increase due to the Calima (hot wind mixed to sand coming from Africa). 
    The sky, usually blue, becomes grey due to the sand carried and this create an annoying heat. Fortunately they are sporadic episodes and they pass quickly.

    Although the water is not as mild as the Mediterranean Sea, it is pleasant to swim with these temperatures. Especially if you live in the Nordic countries, the sea water will not seem cold at all.

    maspalomas is windy?
    Playa del Ingles - Maspalomas beach

    Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles have milder temperatures and they are not always windy, depending by the period, sometimes is almost impossible to stay on the beach because it is huge and not sheltered from the wind.
    In these days is possible to take shelter behind the dunes or, if you prefer, take the bus or car and reach the least windy beaches at only 10-15 km from Maspalomas.

    - Is Lanzarote windy?

    Yes, Lanzarote is windy.

    With Fuerteventura is one of the windiest Canary Islands. I made several trips to Lanzarote, the last in February 2017, and I was able to enjoy 4 sunny days and 3 rainy days, the last one dedicated to the visit of Arrecife (the capital of the island), where the wind was so strong that it created waves so big that the coastal path to the Reducto beach has been closed.

    Canarie isola meno ventosa
    Arrecife during the storm
    If you are looking for a sheltered and sunny beach in Lanzarote, you can stay in the South, in the area of ​​Playa Blanca.

    least windy resort in Lanzarote
    Playa Blanca

    - Is Fuerteventura windy?

    Yes, Fuerteventura is windy. The windiest period is summer.

    Fuerteventura is the island of surfing! So it must be windy otherwise it would not attract many fans. It is not an island that I recommend to people travelling with kids, but if you love the natural environments, the huge beaches without borders, you should go in Fuerteventura. The wind is a blessing in Fuerteventura because the sun is very strong.

    spiaggia più grande fuerte
    Morro Jable Beach
     If you are looking for the least windy resort in Fuerteventura, you can stay in the South, the area of Morro Jable that usually, in case of strong wind, the staff make barriers to protect the sun umbrellas by the wind and sand storms.
    More info: Best month to stay in Fuerteventura.
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    Thank you and have a nice trip!
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    Holidays in the Canary Islands in winter: Which is the warmest canary island in December? Best Canary Island to visit during Christmas & New Year 2021
    Which is the hottest Canary Island? Which Canary Island has the best weather in January? wärmste kanarische insel im winter.

    warmest canary island in winter
    warmest canary island in december

    Last year I stayed in December in Gran Canaria, departing before Christmas to celebrate New Year in Liguria, Italy.
    There were 30 degrees in Puerto Rico area: stay in the beach was amazing!


    In general, the Canary Islands have a mild climate all year arund but not all the 7 spanish islands are so warm.

    For those who want to spend the winter months at the beach, sunbathing, I would exclude, for climatic reasons, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote: in this islands is better to stay in summer-spring.

    Best canary island for new year?

    Which Canary Island has the best weather in January?

    The hottest and warmest canary island in january perfect for a beach holiday are:
    • Tenerife | southern part
    • Gran Canaria | Southwest area. 
    Spend a warm holiday in Tenerife or Gran Canaria is a cheap. These islands are easy to reach by frequent low cost air flights company like Ryanair. Fair prices.


    The best area to spend New Year in Gran Canaria is in the southwestern towns of the island: due to its geography, this area remains protected by strong winds. For this reason it is the warmer and the sunniest canary islands.

    I have an apartment in Gran Canaria.

    If you looking for a hotel or apartment for Christmas in the Puerto Rico, Arguineguin or Playa de Amadores area, book early.

    Read more: Which Is The Sunniest Part Of Gran Canaria?

    Here I selected the best accommodations for you to spend a New Year's Eve on the beach.

    ⇨  APARTHOTEL IN PUERTO RICO:  Rio Piedras. Good value for money. Ideal for winter stays, for family with children, for sea life in every season of the year.

    ⇨  AMADORES HOLIDAYS: spectacular views of the ocean and Tenerife. Close to the famous beach Amadores, great for autumn-winter stays. Ideal for couples. Romantic sunset. Various facilities: sauna, gym...

    ⇨  ADULTS ONLY APARTMENTS: Only for adults guests (no children) in Puerto Rico near the harbor.

    ⇨  HOLIDAY VILLAGE At Mogán Playa: Beautiful resort located in the hottest and no windy part of the island: Puerto de Mogan. Small but pretty beach surrounded by shops. A village made up of white houses with colorful flowers on the balconies. Intimate, full of restaurants, ideal for couples or for families with children.

    hottest canary island 

    The New Year's Eve of  Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas is a good alternative if you do not find an accommodation in the southwest area of Gran Canaria. The beach is long but often windy and colder than Puerto Rico, Amadores and Puerto de Mogan.

    If you stay in Maspalomas you can get to best beaches for winter holiday by bus or car: only 10-15 km away. The beach with a large and convenient free parking is Playa de Amadores.

    TO KNOW: I would point out that it is still difficult to find cheap apartments the last second in New Year's Eve because half Europe is wintering here. Italians prefer hotels but British, Norwegian, Finnish... prefer to stay in the apartments and they organize holidays with a wide advance.

    Best Tenerife for nightlife and beach

    ⇨ 1. Cheap apartments in the center near the beach (Playa la Troya). Ideal for young people looking for nightlife.

    ⇨ 2. Hotel 300 meters from the beach (playa las Vistas) with parking and wifi included. Choice of options with breakfast, half or full board. Rooms / facilities also equipped for disabled guests.

    Where is best to go on holiday in January?

    I've been renting my house for the last three years in Gran Canaria: tourists booking my flat in advance (even 1 year in advance).
    I'm always available to help my readers look for accommodation in Canary Islands, but, I noticed in the last years, it is getting harder to find something available in Tenerife and Gran Canaria in winter. I think the reason is the insecurity to travel to Egypt: another destination for winter holidays.

    Best area Tenerife in winter

    ⇨ 1. Spacious family apartments with heated pool in Los Cristianos just a few minutes walk from the beach and the center. Maximum 6 beds. Ideal for large families or groups of friends.

    ⇨ 2. Residence Apartments with Pool in Los Cristianos with Parking and Wifi Included. Quiet location but close to downtown and the beach. Ideal for those who do not want to rent a car during the holiday. Sheltered and warm area in winter.

    Which is the hottest Canary Island?

    If you've already seen Gran Canaria, or looking for an island with more footprint in the nightlife, the southeast of Tenerife is the area for you.

    Which is the Best Tenerife area during Christmas & New Year?

    1. Los Cristianos, 
    2. Playa de Las Americas,
    3. Costa Adeje.

    The most popular beach to sunbath and swimming is Las Vistas and the nearby playa de Los Cristianos. I advice you to stay not far from this area: see map.

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