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Which is the BEST TOWN to STAY in LAKE GARDA?

Which is the best area to stay in lake garda? 

  • Sirmione
  • Salò
  • Peschiera
  • Lazise
  • Desenzano
  • Riva del Garda
  • Garda city

These are the best places to stay in lake garda for a long or short breaks.

Which is the best town on Lake Garda?
Which is the best town on Lake Garda?

Let's start our trip...

Which is the best town on Lake Garda?

Hi I'm Moira, born and grew up in Italy. Today I'll talk about one of my favorite resort in Northern Italy for holiday.

where to sleep at Lake Garda

Best places to stay in lake garda

Personally I prefer 👉 to stay in Desenzano as a base for visiting the lake and going out in the evenings. There are various accommodations: apartment, starred hotel, and the downtown is full of bars, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, restaurants, events ...

⇨ If I want to sunbathe and swimming in the lake, I prefer to Manerba del Garda. I really like the view in this area: it was love at first sight. In fact I have already booked 2 weekends in July and August at this lakefront hotel. 👉 Manerba del Garda.

The beaches are pebbly, free or with the possibility to rent sunbeds and deckchairs, there is a kilometer walk along the coast and on the other side there are all the residences and campsites full of tourists.

👉 Self-catering lake Garda

Also nice to visit the "island of rabbits" (The island of San Biagio): an island far 200 meters from the coast can also be reached by walking through the stretch of water that separates it from the mainland. To do during the low tide.

What is the best neighborhood to stay at in Lake Garda?

In the picture I was in the middle of Lake Garda just near the island of San Biagio. From here you can see a wonderful sunset.

Best town to stay in lake garda

  • Sirmione

Best place to stay in lake garda for couples

For those who prefer lively places, the most beautiful place in Garda is certainly Sirmione.
The village of Sirmione is as fascinating as it is crowded with tourists. One of the most famous and visited places of Garda thanks to the famous Aquaria Thermal SPA with its outdoor swimming pools heated in winter.

In the evening Sirmione lights up like a little Paris, there are numerous restaurants and bars for all tastes so if you want to stay in a lively center, even if small, I suggest you stay here. In summer it is very crowded especially on weekends. The season starts at Easter and lasts until the end of October.

Scaliger Castle, Sirmione

Tip: Choose an accommodation with parking included otherwise you will have to pay a parking space in this area and they are quite expensive.

If you are traveling in the summer, I suggest you to stay in this Holiday Village near Sirmione where the parking space is included in the price and you can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool.
Staying in the center of Sirmione is not comfortable, the area is a ztl (Limited traffic zone).
Better to stay just outside the Scaliger castle or in neighboring towns like Colombare and Lugana, it is less expensive. However, if you want to experience the magic of staying in the center of Sirmione, prefer this structure where you can park in the backyard, for free: ⇨ stay in Sirmione peninsula.

To know: There is a convenient shuttle bus service that from Colombare takes you directly in front of the Sirmione castle gate. The cost is € 1 each way per person (simple travel ticket can be purchased on the ground for € 1.00 or € 1.50 if you buy the ticket on board the bus).

What are the best cities to stay at in Lake Garda?

  • Salò

Salò is located in the south-west part of Lake Garda in the zone known as the Riviera dei Limoni: among the mountains, natural landscapes and tranquility.

The most touristic area of Salò, and the most characteristic, is enclosed in the historical center composed narrow streets, alleys and squares with ancient noble palaces, elegant shops, numerous restaurants and hotels. Surely, together with Riva del Garda, it is one of the most chic areas of the lake with its Art Nouveau buildings.

Salò, Garda lake

Beaches: In Salò you will find free beach equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas (if you want to pay the rental) and a part of the beach allowed for dogs.

Staying on Lake Garda can be quite expensive. If you want to save money, I advice you to look for an accommodation not just in front of the lake but in the neighboring countries. If you are looking for a place with reasonable prices to be on Lake Garda, with a nice terrace overlooking the lake and a garden overlooking the mountains, I suggest the House of one of the group members I manage on Facebook: Elsa Anselmini. She and her beautiful family are local experts who will help you by giving you tips on things to do and visit. Check availability 👉 Lake Garda holiday apartment.

  • Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is surrounded by mountains, the climate here will be more variable and cool compared to the southern countries of the lake (Desenzano, Sirmione ...) so if you are looking for a location with a more tolerable climate in summer, head here.

lago di garda
Riva del Garda view from the lake

Riva del Garda is the area indicated for those looking for a wide beach and / or a lover of water sports. The city is cosmopolitan, there are many German tourists. The historic center is as characteristic as all the villages on Lake Garda. There are a good number of accommodation, facilities and is a good starting point to see the upper part of Lake Garda and the neighboring Trentino towns.

alloggiare sul garda
Riva del Garda

I recently stayed in Riva del Garda (early January), I stayed in a very comfortable hotel near the lake and the historic center (but not in the ztl area).
It's called 👉 Grand Hotel Liberty.

There are various rooms with affordable prices to be a Grand hotel. Included in the price there was the use of the internal SPA (swimming pools and saunas) and the abundant breakfast with a very inviting buffet: mini krapfen (delicious), cakes, speck jams and local cheeses. There are often discount offers for booking a room. Good location for a romantic weekend.

best place to stay on lake garda
Hotel Liberty, Riva del Garda

  • Desenzano

Best area on Lake Garda for shopping

There are a few beaches in Desenzano and rather small. The most comfortable equipped with a bar and a sunbed and deck chair is located just outside the historic center and it is called "Desenzanino Sea side resort".
The local market takes place every Tuesday morning along the street overlooking the lake in the downtown core.
Along the coast there are also the most popular discos, pubs, clubs... for nightlife lovers.
I always stay around via Olimpia in one of the many apartments in this area because there are convenient parking lots (free in low season ). The accommodation along this area are near the beach like this B & B overlooking the lake. See the accommodations in the recommended area, in the map below ⇩:

  • Lazise and Peschiera

Garda where to sleep for theme parks

Lazise and Peschiera are the best places to stay to reach the most popular amusement park in this area from the best known Gardaland (located in Ronchi in the town of Castelnuovo del Garda) to Movieland (Lasize), Caneva world aquapark (located in Pacengo, fraction of Lazise). A few kilometers away from each other, as you can see in the map below.

They are 2 very pretty places. Villages full of narrow alleys, shops, restaurants, hotels. Both in Peschiera and Lasize you can find a corner where you can lie down to sunbathe but if you really want to suggest the widest and longest beach area, choose, without a doubt, Peschiera del Garda.
This apartment is 200 meters from the lakefront Mazzini ⇨ B & B in Peschiera .

  • Garda city

Garda is a village located on the east coast of the homonymous lake.
As you can see in the pictures, there is a nice old town also full of shops, bars, restaurants, hotels like all the villages of the lake as they are very touristy and visited.

garda piazza
Garda downtown

From the historical center a road runs along the lake where people, in some area without rocks, sunbathe. The photo below is not retouched, colors are just those of the lake that I photographed in one of my beloved walks.
If you want to stay in this area for a weekend, I recommend a modern B & B with parking included ⇨ best are to stay in Garda.

lago di Garda
Garda lake panorama

Well, my tips are finished. I guided you to discover the 6 most popular villages of Garda where to stay.
Whatever your choice, I'm sure you'll be fine because they are all wonderful places.
If you need advice, leave a comment below the article otherwise I would like to share the article by clicking one of the social buttons you see on this page. Thank you.
Apdated December 2019
by Moira Tips


Où séjourner dans le nord de la Sardaigne?

Principaux pays touristiques où loger dans le Cotè D'émeraude: 

Leggilo in italiano 👉 Costa Smeralda dove alloggiare
Read it in english 👉 Where to stay in Costa Smeralda
Dans quelle ville loger en Sardaigne?
Dans quelle ville loger en Sardaigne?

  • Cannigione
  • Porto Cervo
  • Baja Sardinia
  • Arzachena
  • Golfo Aranci
  • Poltu Quatu
  • Olbia
  • Palau

Je suppose que vous êtes intéressé par cette partie de la Sardaigne qui, vous le savez déjà, n'est PAS la moins chère de l'île. Cependant, outre le logement à Porto Cervo pour 2000 € par nuit, il existe encore des solutions plus abordables.

👉 Liste des hébergements les moins chers sur la Costa Smeralda.

Si votre budget pour des vacances en Sardaigne est faible, laissez la Costa Smeralda derrière vous et concentrez-vous sur la zone sud.

👉  Liste des hébergements les moins chers dans le sud de la Sardaigne.

La côte d'Émeraude est l'une des régions les plus populaires de la Sardaigne, généralement fréquentée par des personnalités de marque et des milliardaires.

Cette région regorge de plages de sable blanc, d’un magnifique littoral surplombant la mer vert émeraude d’où son nom et d’un grand afflux de touristes. Tout cela n'en fait pas l'un des quartiers les moins chers de la Sardaigne.

Mais si vous voulez rester dans cette région, nous pouvons voir parmi les différents endroits qui offrent les prix les plus bas.

Lire l'article complet 👇

Dans quelle ville loger en Sardaigne

Updated Giugno 2019
Moira Tips



The most beautiful places to visit near Milan: Lombardia lakes, villas, castles... Italy day trip.
Milan points of interest. Places to visit around Milan. Towns near Milan worth visiting.

Whether you stay in Milan for a pleasure trip or on business, you might consider prolonging your stay so as to see some interesting places less than 100 km from the chief-town of Lombardy. 

After visiting the Castle of the Sforzas, the cathedral, the Victor Emmanuel II gallery, the monumental cemetery and the church of Saint Ambrogio and after having the inevitable aperitif (happy hour) in the "Navigli" area, you can organize pleasant outings to 6 places that are easily reachable by car or by bus/train.

places to visit around milan
Navigli Milano ideal for nightlife
Stay close to Navigli?

To Know: If You love Leonardo da Vinci, don't forget to go and see The Last Supper in the refectory of the Convent of Saint Maria delle Grazie in Milan.
Booking is obligatory for an attraction that is in such demand.

In this post:

  1. Visit Crespi D'Adda ,
  2. Visit Bergamo,
  3. Visit Como Lake villas ,
  4. Visit Castles near Milan
  5. Visit Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore,
  6. Visit Iseo Lake e Montisola.


DRIVING IN ITALY: things to know!

Driving in Italy: rules, requirements, license, road signs... Important things to know before take a motorway in Italy: driving in Italy for tourists.

This article is written by Laura: an Italian girl who works in a motorway service area (on the A4 Milan - Venice).

italian motorway

One of the questions that often tourists ask her when they stop in the rest area is:
How to pay for the motorway in Italy?
Other questions are:
  • How does Italian motorway work? (Italy tolls roads cost.)
  • Which is the Best Way to Pay Autostrada Tolls?
And other useful tips.

Below you can read her suggestions...

Driving in italy which side?

Always Right as in America and all over Europe except in England and its colonies where you drive to the left.

Italy autostrada speed limit

On the highways: 130 kilometers per hour, down to 110 in case of bad weather.
On the main extra-urban roads: 110 kilometers per hour, down to 90 in case of bad weather
On secondary and local roads: 90 kilometers per hour
In the city the limit is 50 kilometers per hour; 70 in some sections expressly indicated.

Driving in Italy license and requirements

EU Member States license

You can drive with your driver's license.

Patent of non-EU countries

Foreigners with an extra EU license may travel in Italy for up to 1 year, BUT need and official translation to show with the license.
Translation can be made:

  1. By a professional translator and asserted with an oath made in front of a judicial or notary chancellor.
  2. Consulate with the signature of Consular Officers legalized in the Prefecture.

How does Italian motorway work?

Driving in Italy road signs

Foreign people can have difficulties to understand how to use Italian highway.
The mechanism is quite simple but payment can be complicated, or rather, can be tricky to figure out which tollbooth to choose.
Italian highway
When you enter in every Italian highway you'll find some tollbooths.
Follow the other cars that lined up in a lane.
Choose one that you want except the tollbooth indicated "Telepass".
When you are in front of a lowered bar, look to your left, find a red button... push it and take the ticket.

IMPORTANT: Keep the ticket until the exit! If you loose it you must pay the full amount from the origin to end of the highway. Quite expensive.
Now enjoy your trip... but remember... speed limit is 130 km/h.

take the motorway ticket

Head to your destination by driving smoothly.
When you decide to quit, you just take the first exit on the right.
Every highways exit has at least one tool where you can pay. You pay directly on the highway before leaving it.

Driving in Italy rules

Best Way to Pay Autostrada Tolls?

The only way guaranteed to be trouble-free is to pay cash. This is my tip.

For full information I tell you that:
There are different tollbooths that provide different payment methods (credit card, cash,Viacard, Telepass...).
Choose the payment system that you prefer and take the right tollbooth.
Every of them has a different sighboard, visible in the distance, indicating the payment system.
Let's see...

italian road signs
Italy road signs

BEST CHOISES n.1 or 2:

1 — CASH + OPERATOR (white sighboard) when you see a picture representing a hand and some coins it means that in this line you can pay by cash and there is an operator inside the tool.
I recommend this alternative for those without experience. Give the ticket, taken at the beginning of the highway route, to the clerk. The amount (the total of what you have to pay) will be displayed next the clerk window. Give the money to the operator and when the bar is raised, you are free ;)

TIP: Have some coins ready too. They appreciate not getting a €20 for a €0.80 toll.

2 — AUTOMATIC PAYMENT by Cash a picture with coins only (white sighboard): here you can pay by cash but the payment is automatic. There is not an operator.
Insert the ticket in the slot and your amount will be displayed. Than insert the money in the slot (one dedicated only for banknotes and one for coins only).
IMPORTANT: If you choose to pay by cash remember to bring with you enough coins and small banknotes (max 20 euros).

3 — TELEPASS (yellow sighboard): do not take it! It is a subscription using from Italian people that take the motorways almost every day in order to speed up the payment mechanism. Only those who have paid for this subscription and received a detector, to be placed on the windshield, can use this lane.

4 — CARTE (blue sighboard): here you can pay by credit cards. It accepts the principal cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners).

FIRST step: Insert the ticket in the machine where it is indicated and your amount will be displayed.
SECOND step: insert the credit cards where it is indicated.

Simplifying: put the ticket, put the credit card, take the card, go. It doesn't ask for a PIN number.

In CREDIT CARD line you can also pay by Viacard.
What is a Viacard? It is a pre-payed card of 25 or 50 euros that you can buy in the rest areas along the motorway. You can use it in the same way of credit cards. The amount will be deducted.
PAY ATTENTION: do not go into a closed lane! The open tollbooths have a green traffic light while those closed have a red traffic light.

What to do in case of payment problem?

In case of problems, visibile in the toll, there is a red button for to call an operator.
If nobody reply to you... don't worry, some minutes later the tollbooth opens automatically and the machine will issue a ticket indicated the information about your car and the amount that you must pay.
IMPORTANT: You have 15 days for pay the amount. You can also pay the motorway ticket on-line, in the post offices, by bank transfer or in a "Punto Blu".

What a Punto Blu is? It is an office of assistance for problems concerning the motorways. You can find them along the highway, in the cities or sometimes in the rest area.
Find "Blue Point" near you on the map, and click it to see the detail information. Here the map: Italy blue points motorway.


About every 25-30 km along the principal highways and a little bit more along the others there is a rest area with toilettes, a bar, a market and sometimes also a restaurant.
The averange prices are quite expensive, but you can find almost everything you are looking for.

How much does the italian highway cost?

You can get detailed driving directions, fairly realistic times, and estimated costs (fuel and tolls) for travel throughout Europe from:

Another website with useful information for traveling on Italian motorways is this:

Best Way to Pay Autostrada Tolls

  1. The easiest way for most first timers is to just pay with euros
  2. Best and most easiest is to use a manned booth - so look for the toll sign above the booth showing the outstretched hand holding money. 
  3. Be very very careful not to go in a Telepass lane.
I hope these tips could be useful for you. When you will take a break in a rest area, look for a blond girl called Laura...

She works there (on A4 motorway), in the store at the cashier's desk, and probably she will be explaining to a foreign traveler how to pay the motorway ticket 😉

December 2018



BEST AREA SIRMIONE where to stay


I suggest you to choose an accommodation with parking included otherwise you will have to pay a parking space in this area and they are quite expensive. 

If you are traveling in the summer, I suggest you to stay in this Holiday Village near Sirmione where the parking space is included in the price and you can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool.
Staying in the center of Sirmione is not comfortable, the area is a ztl (Limited traffic zone).
Better to stay just outside the Scaliger castle or in neighboring towns like Colombare and Lugana, it is less expensive. However, if you want to experience the magic of staying in the center of Sirmione, prefer this structure where you can park in the backyard, for free: ⇨ stay in Sirmione peninsula.

To know: There is a convenient shuttle bus service that from Colombare takes you directly in front of the Sirmione castle gate. The cost is € 1 each way per person (simple travel ticket can be purchased on the ground for € 1.00 or € 1.50 if you buy the ticket on board the bus).


Lake Garda is also one of the most famous. It's an extremely popular destination for tourists specially in summer.

Reasons for choosing the Lake Garda

  • Sunbathing and swimming,
  • Water sports, 
  • Have fun in the various clubs, 
  • Enjoy Italian cuisine, 
  • Shopping and visiting the beautiful and picturesque villages. 

If you travel with your children you can plan some day trips to three popular parks in the area:

  1. Gardaland with the numerous attractions for everybody. Gardaland is located in Castelnuovo del Garda around Peschiera.
  2. Movieland in Lazise, where you can relive the scenes of several famous films 
  3. CANEVA in Lazise a beautiful water park.


and other destination on the Garda lake

  • Italy Highway A4 
Exit Brescia East if you want to reach the towns of Salò, Gardone, Toscolano, Gargnano, Tignale, Tremosine, Limone.
Other exits are Desenzano, Sirmione and Peschiera to reach the mentioned towns.
  • Italy Motorway A22 
Exit To Rovereto Sud / Lago di Garda Nord if you want to reach the towns of Torbole, Riva del Garda, Malcesine, Limone, Tremosine;

Exit Affi / Lago di Garda  if you want to reach the towns of Garda, Torri del Benaco, Bardolino, Lazise, Peschiera.

Railway stations are in Peschiera, Desenzano and Rovereto; from here, with buses, you can reach the various places of the lake.

Nearest airport to Garda lake:

From these airports, there are bus service or transfer services for the city centre or railway station.


Medieval town Garda lake

Sirmione is a beautiful village located on the south of the lake on a strip of land that juts out like a promontory. Beginning of the village you will find the famous castle / fortress, visited for a fee.

Parking of car in small towns near the Lake

Public Car Parks in Sirmione: 

I suggest you to park a few kilometres far away from Sirmione in a free car parking near bus stop and take public bus called BUS NAVETTA. Even rent a bike could be more convenient.

CAR PARKING in SIRMIONE:  you can leave your car outside the old town in the various paid car parking (about 1,80 - 2,10 per hour) and walk to the village centre. It'a an old town with narrow streets full of shops, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors. 

Here is a beautiful spa where you can relax and regenerate. (SPA CENTRE ACQUARIA open from March to December, from 14.00 to 22.00 on Monday, from 20.00 to 22.00 from Tuesday to Thursday, and until 24.00 on Thursdays). To get there just go to the north starting from the ferry dock and after about 600 meters you get there.

WHAT TO SEE in Sirmione


Archaeological site of a Roman villa of the fifteenth century. Paid entrance. 
Opening times: 

Winter from Tuesday to Saturday: 8.30 to 17.30; 
Sundays and public holidays: 8.30-14.00. 

In summer, from Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30 to 19:30; closed on Mondays.
Sundays and public holidays 9:30 to 18:30; 
To reach them, starting from the ferry dock to continue heading north and after about 800 meters you arrive.


Aquaria offers you everything to be rejuvenated in Sirmione. The Spa and Wellness Centre has indoor and outdoor thermal pools. More than 10,000 square meters of thermal spa including a few swimming pools, whirlpools, Kneipp, relax areas...

Take a walk discovering the promontory tasting a delicious ice-cream.

WHERE TO EAT in Sirmione:

TRATTORIA LA FIASCATypical cozy restaurant on a side street off the main square, which offers customers traditional dishes prepared with local produce.

TRATTORIA LA SPERANZINAa stone's throw from the castle away from the lakefront chaos. Possibility to eat outside in the shade of olive trees offers dishes including fish from the lake and other tasty dishes.

Sirmione study in deep:

Camper Areas,
Car parkings,
Bycicle rides... 

I hope the information is helpful, if so, please, share it. Click your preferred social buttons under the article. Thank you! ^ _ ^

October 2018
Moira R.J.


BERGAMO Italy: best area to stay

Bergamo is a lovely city located in the center of Lombardy, 50 km far away from Milan.

The city is divided into 2 parts:

  • BERGAMO ALTA - UPPER TOWN (called Città Alta) a medieval gem,

Bergamo what to do and see
In this article I will talk about the medieval city of Bergamo.
A city easily accessible from the airport of Orio al Serio, or for a day trip from Milan.
You can read useful information about what to see and do in this Lombardy city.
  • bergamo italy points of interest
  • bergamo italy map
  • bergamo things to do
  • 3 best accommodation in Bergamo, for your need.


ITALIAN traditional FOOD: what to eat in Italy

Tell me where you are going to holiday in Italy and I'll tell you what to eat. 

Travelling in MARCHE 

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Senigallia, San Benedetto del Tronto, Gabicce Mare, Loreto, Ascoli Piceno?

Sea and mountains, this region, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, offers a variety that combines the flavors of the sea to those who are of the countryside and hills.
Famous dish in the area of Ascoli Piceno are Olive all'Ascolana.




- VINCISGRASSI (pasta: lasagna marchigiana - see the first pic)
- OLIVE ALL'ASCOLANA (appetiser)

The stuffed olives, appreciated and known all over the world, are the most famous dish of Italian culinary tradition of the Marche. The olives are stuffed with small doses of the meat filling, then they go breaded and dipped in beaten egg with a pinch of salt.

what to eat in Marche, Italy
Olive all'ascolana: source pinterest

Travelling in UMBRIA

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Assisi, Orvieto, Gubbio, Perugia?

Simple and natural dishes seasoned with the famous extra virgin olive oil one of the best of Italy in these areas. Other typical products are the black truffle from Norcia one of the ingredients of many pasta dishes, and lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia as well as wild boar meat.



- ZUPPA DI LENTICCHIE (vegetable soup)
- CARDI AL GRIFO: Cardi al Grifo is dish made from thistles, eggs, breadcrumbs, lean veal, chicken livers, onion, olive oil, white wine, mushrooms, tomatoes and parmesan.
- TORTA AL TESTO (bread and cold cuts).

what to eat in Italy
Torta al testo. Source.

Travelling in LAZIO

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Roma, Gaeta, Ostia, Anzio, San Felice Circeo, Cerveteri, Tarquinia?

In this region you can find plenty of pasta dishes with all kinds of seasoning such as bucatini amatriciana, spaghetti alla carbonara, bucatini cacio e pepe. Another typical meat dish is the lamb: saltimbocca alla romana and oxtail.


- MARITOZZI (sweet)

The maritozzi fluffy and delicious sweet rolls stuffed with whipped cream are served for breakfast in every bar in the capital and its surroundings. Often the dough is enriched with pine nuts, raisins and candied orange peel.

what to eat in Rome
Maritozzi: tiypical Roma sweet. Source

Travelling in ABRUZZO

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Alba Adriatica, Pineto, Roseto, Pescara?

A journey through the flavors of the Adriatic sea of Pescara, vineyards and olive groves of Chieti and Teramo, L'Aquila with its strong mountain flavors.



- WINE: Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
- CONFETTURA: Marmalade


- PARROZZO (Original typical dessert of Christmas Abruzzo cuisine)

Struffoli abruzzesi (cicerchiata) are small balls of sweet dough, fried and then dipped in honey.

Italian sweet
Struffoli abruzzesi. source

Travelling in MOLISE

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Termoli, Campobasso, Isernia?

Dishes of pork, and the coast dishes of fish stews, soups and rice.




- PASTA: i cavatelli

The cavatelli are a fresh semolina pasta, typical of the regions of Molise and Puglia. They have an elongated and hollowed shape. The cavatelli are great topped with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese or with meat sauce or with vegetables.

Italian pasta
Cavatelli pasta: source and italian recipe

Related articles:


Italian cuisine is creative and imaginative and one of the richest in the world.
The climate varies in different regions allows to obtain different products.

It is a cuisine rich in tradition with authentic dishes, simple that enhance the natural flavors of the various local products.
We make an overview of the various regions of Italy in order to understand better the specialties.


Travelling in Liguria? Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Alassio, Bordighera, Camogli, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Portovenere...

Here you can find dishes based on fish and herbs including the famous pesto that is used as a condiment on pasta or added to vegetable soups. Always present pies with vegetables and various types of buns.

italian dishes

What to eat in Liguria:

  • Torta pasqualina (salty cake)
  • Focaccia di Recco (street food)
  • Trofie al Pesto (pasta)
  • Canestrelli e Baci di dama (sweet)

To BUY in this Region:

Travelling in PIEDMONT - PIEMONTE. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Torino, Sestrière, Lago Maggiore...

One of the most refined cuisines of Italy; stand out dishes based on rice as the "paniscia", the famous Alba truffles, "bagna cauda" typical hot sauce with vegetables dipped bread and anchovies. Famous various boiled meats and delicious chocolates Gianduiotti typical of the area.

Traditional Piedmont food
Agnolotti: fonte Pinterest

What to eat in Torino:

  • Vitello tonnato (meat)
  • Agnolotti (pasta)
  • Brasato al barolo (meat)
  • Pesche ripiene  (fruit)
  • zabaione (sweet)
To BUY in Piedmont:

Travelling in AOSTA VALLEY - VAL D’AOSTA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Aosta, Saint Vincent, Courmayeur...

Dishes based on cereals, beef and pork, dairy products including cheese Fontina Val d'Aosta fondue and typical sauce made of various cheeses.

Italian traditional Aosta food

What to eat in Aosta:
  • Fonduta Valdostana (cheese cream)
  • Gnocchi alla fontina (pasta)
  • Caffè valdostano (drink)
To BUY in this Region:

Travelling in Lombardy - LOMBARDIA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Milano, Bergamo, Como, Lago di Garda...

Dishes abound in this region based on freshwater fish, especially in the Lombardy lakes area, the milk cheese, the meat with its boiled and stews, rice and corn. Widespread and 'the use of polenta as a side dish to accompany meat with various sauces. One of the many specialities' of this region are the pork tripe, and sausage. In Milan the lively Milano, you can enjoy a good risotto alla Milanese, the tasty schnitzel and under the Christmas period also typical dessert par excellence Panettone.

Lombardy traditional food
Pizzoccheri Valtellinesi

What to eat in Milan:
  • Ossobuco (meat)
  • Cassoeula (meat)
  • Pizzoccheri (pasta)
  • Cotoletta alla milanese (meat)
  • Bresaola della Valtellina (meat, cold cuts)
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Travelling in TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Merano, Pinzolo, Riva del Garda, Canazei...

In this region abound dishes with soups of all kinds, for example, the Panada. Very important also cheeses and cold cuts including the famous Speck.

Traditional italian food Alto adige
Canederli. Fonte: Pinterest

What to eat in Trento:
  • Canederli (pasta)
  • Wurstel (meat)
  • Carne salata (meat)
  • Polenta (dish made of corn flour)
  • Strudel (sweet)
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  • Speck 
  • Formaggi: Caprino di Cavalese, Graukase, Puzzone di Moena...

Travelling in FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Caorle, Grado...

It is a rustic and simple cuisine but offers so many different flavors, from cereals and vegetable soups, vegetables and meats to the cotechini combinations and turnips.

italian food
Baccalà alla triestina. Fonte: Pinterest

What to eat in Friuli:
  • Polenta pasticciata (dish made of corn flour)
  • Baccalà alla triestina (fish)
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Travelling in VENETO. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Venezia, Verona, Cortina d Ampezzo…

A typical dish is the famous salt cod, especially the one at Vicenza, as well as the Treviso Radicchio that finds various uses in the kitchen. Another typical dish is the Venetian liver. Inevitable here too the polenta that accompanies various meat dishes.

Italian dishes
Risi e Bisi, Fonte: Pinterest

What to eat in Venezia:
  • Baccalà (fish)
  • Bigoli (pasta)
  • Risi e Bisi (rice)
  • Fegato alla veneziana (meat)
  • Pandoro (sweet)
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  • Vini veneti: Soave, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Recioto.

Travelling in EMILIA ROMAGNA. Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Rimini, Imola, Bologna…

Rich and tasty dishes based on pasta of various types accompanied by the famous Bolognese sauce made with meat and tomato. The tortellini in broth are another popular dish in these areas. Another speciality is stuffed sweet or savoury flatbread. In coastal areas, various dishes based on fish meals including soup.
Regional italian food
Lasagne alla Bolognese; Pinterest

What to eat in Rimini:
  • Cappelletti (pasta)
  • Lasagne alla bolognese (pasta)
  • Passatelli (pasta)
  • Tagliatelle al ragù (pasta)
  • Zampone (meat)
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