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So, if you want to have fun or you're single and you want to meet boys and girls from all over Europe, the only area to stay is Playa de las Americas. If you are a homosexual, the best area is Playa del Ingles, in Gran Canaria.

Beware! Follow my advice if you do not want to booking a hotel full of families with children, or retired people.
  1. Hotel Sol Tenerife: best for nightlife, close to restaurants, shops, pubs and night clubs.
  2. Apartamentos Playa Azul, 300 meters from the most popular beach: playa de Troya
  3. Palm beach Tenerife: if you want an ocean view room.
  4. Catalonia Oro Negro: Late check out? No problem, in this hotel you have the opportunity, on the day of check out, to leave your luggage and use a courtesy bathroom where you can take a shower before leaving.
  5. Hotel Noelia Tenerife Sur: only for adults, for those who do not want children in the hotel.

Canary Islands are not like the Balearics

The Balearics are 2 hours away from the Canary Islands. It will take more time to reach the Canaries from any continental country in Europe. If you hate to stay on the plane over 4 hours think about it.
Formentera, another Balearic island, needs more time to be reached because it has not an airport, so you need to fly to Ibiza and than take a ferry.
So if you've already experienced a holiday in Ibiza, and you want to replicate, I'm sorry to say that it's not the same thing to go to the Canaries.
However... if you want to visit Tenerife, looking for best area for nightlife, where there are pubs, clubs and you can meet other young couples or singles, follow my advice to stay in the most lively area in ​​Tenerife.

Best tourist place to stay in Tenerife 

The best place in ​​Tenerife for entertainment is, doubtless, located in the south of the island.
You also considers that the South of Tenerife is very frequented by retired people looking for a sunny and mild weather, especially in winter.
The area of ​​Playa de las Americas with its beautiful beaches, with a favourable climate compared to the countries of the North, the numerous shops, shows and entertainment, makes it coveted by almost all tourists, not only young people looking for fun.
There are lots of accommodations in Playa Las Americas, and if you're in charge of choosing the apartment to spend the holidays with your friends, it's better that you choose the right area and the right hotel (otherwise they will get angry with you).
So... Follow my advice and you will make a great impression.
Below you will find a list of the structures in  the center of Tenerife nighlife.

Girls holiday to Tenerife

This is an email that I have received from some girls for an advice. I hope you can also clarify your doubts:
We are 3 young girls who want to spend a holiday in Tenerife in Playa de las Americas. Can you recommend a hotel with entertainments and pool?
Hello girls! If you are planning to stay in Playa de las Americas, you will not need a hotel with entertainments. Simply go out from the hotel and you will find pubs, music, shops, restaurants, karaoke... all the entertainments you want.
All hotels have a swimming pool and sometimes even private apartment residences have one in the complex.

Book one of these 4 hotel listed here ⇩⇩⇩. You will be fine.
Sol Tenerife:  in the downtown.

nightlife tenerife
Sol Tenerife pool
This hotel wins the position both for the proximity to sea and nightlife street.
It is big so you will also find families with children (that who have not read my post dedicated to "Tenerife with the children") in which I recommend less chaotic place.
Sol Tenerife is the top for those who want to stay at the centre of Tenerife's nightlife.

Apartamentos Playa Azul:  near the beach
Hotel 300 meters from the beach: with parking and wifi included.
Wide range of options with breakfast, half or full board.
There are also rooms equipped for guests with disabilities.

Palm beach Tenerife: ocean view
Situated in the same area of ​​the Tenerife Sol but more "chic".

Hotel Noelia Tenerife Sur: adults only
This is the option that I recommend for tourists who do not like to see children running around the pool or crying in the restaurant, in fact it is only accessible to adults: + 18.

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Moira R.

STAY IN IBIZA: where is the best area?

June 24, 2018 0 Comments

where to stay in ibiza
where to stay in Ibiza: best area

  • Ibiza city: beautiful city, harbour and discos.

  • Playa d'En Bossa: for the night life lovers and for who want to meet people coming from all over the world.

  • Sant Antoni de Portmany: for young people, nightlife, and entertainment. Full of english. The cheapest village in the touristic area.

  • Cala Tarida: a beautiful beach and a quiet area.

  • Santa Eularia des Riu: holiday villages and relax but also restaurants, shops and walks.

  • Es Canar: quiet area, relax and beautiful beaches.

  • Figueretes: Ideal for gays and nudist.

  • In this post, I reply to these question:

    Are you thinking to make a holiday in Ibiza in the Balearic islands? Are you looking for tips on where to stay in Ibiza? Do you look for a quiet or cheap area? How expensive is it in Ibiza? Are you wondering which one is the best for you between Ibiza City, Playa d'En Bossa or Sant Antoni de Portmany? 
    Due to my holidays in Ibiza, I will help you to clarify and choose the best area to stay in Ibiza, avoiding to turn your holiday into a nightmare.

    STAY IN IBIZA: where is the best area?

    How expensive is it in Ibiza? In July and August the prices are quite expensive.

    Where is the party scene in Ibiza? Ibiza town Marina, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Disco Pacha. 

    What is the best time to go to Ibiza? To find less people, you prefer June and September. The peak of the high season is at the end of July until mid-August.

    How to do Ibiza on a budget? Sant Antoni de Portmany, if you want to stay in a tourist area or far from the coast to save further.


    Spanish islands are my favourite holiday destination. Today I talks about Ibiza, I have stayed several times in Eivissa, especially when I was young... I am not so elderly now but...
    At 20 years, like most guys, Spain and the Balearics in gereral are the main destinations for fun-filled holidays in a youth and dynamic environment.


    For the "movida" lovers, fun and entertainment  with people from all over the world.

    Playa d'en Bossa is one of the main tourist resorts of Ibiza. Here is the largest beach in Ibiza long about 3 km.
    There are lots of hotels, shops, clubs, restaurants that offer every service for tourists.
    The beach is full of kids of all nationalities: music and high possibility to socialise.

    beaches in ibiza
    Playa d'en bossa beach

    Ibiza in the summer: If you love to stay surrounded by many people, clubs, music, restaurants with outdoor tables, if you love the nightlife, if you want to stay in the center of social life  you must necessarily stay between Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza city. July and August are monthsvery crowded of tourists.
    Nightlife, disco tour? This is the best area to stay in Ibiza.
    Here my tips: the structures below can be booked on the price is per room and not per person. Often you can pay upon arrival.
    If you are planning to go to Ibiza between july and august, book early. Trust me. Cancellation is free on Booking.


     Ibiza for nightlife and discos

    Walking towards the center you will see the ancient city called Dalt Vila with its cathedral on the top.
    If you love panoramic views you will like it also for the medieval environment.
    Dalt Vila is in  enclosed by walls where there are numerous museums, the Cathedral as well as numerous restaurants and shops. In the summer evening it is almost impossible to walk among the tables of restaurants full of people tasting the famous Spanish Tapas.

    Ibiza town

    To stay in Ibiza city: good solution to walk to Playa d'en Bossa and the city center.
    The Ibiza clubs and its nightlife has no comparison across Europe. In the summer the best international DJs work in these crowded and expensive nightclubs.
    The most famous discos of Ibiza are El Divino, Pacha and Amnesia. These places host tourists from all over Europe.
    The nightclubs do not open before midnight but the "real night" starts around 2:00 am


    Ibiza for the gay and nudist world

    Figueretes is a small, well-known village by gays in which there are clubs and exclusive hotels for the homosexual world. Do not miss the beautiful promenade that runs along this tourist destination.
    Figueretes has a small but nice beach and nearby there are: Es Cavallet and Ses Salines, beaches frequented by nudists.


     Ibiza for young people, nightlife, and fun

    It was my first trip in Ibiza, with a group of friends.
    We came to San Antonio in a barracks full of youth (drunk at night) overlooking the street.... I slept 10 hours in 7 nights. 😩

    movida ibiza
    Sunset in san antonio

    San Antonio is one of the cheaper areas for accommodation and obviously there is a reason...
    I came back home devastated. It was the week between July and August:  heat weather, young people (mostly English) screaming and drunk, the sea of ​​San Antonio turned into a pisser. People sleeping on the sand in a comatose state surrounded by empty beer bottles.
    Surely there are more peaceful structures but not in the downtown.
    San Antonio has its own beauty but in the peak of the summer season (July, August), at least if you are not looking for pure nightlife, it is better to stay away from it and look for more inviting waters and beaches.
    You can come here to see the Puesta del Sol (sunset) in fact this event attracts an infinity of tourists who crowd the bars overlooking the sea watching the sun that plunges into the ocean.
    One of the most famous place is the Café del Mar but there are several bars next to each other to sit down and enjoy the show.


    A beautiful beach, in a quiet area

    I stayed in Cala Tarida some year ago, at the end of May.
    This small resort has a white sand beach with a basin suitable for children, as well as for adults. On the beach you can rent boats and take a drink in one of the several bars.
    You can get to the beach walking down a stair with lots of steps, so it is NOT suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

    ibiza where to go
    Cala Tarida beach
    This is a good solution for those looking for a quiet place. In the evening there are not many entertainments but it is close to the main tourist towns like Sant Antoni de Portmany easily reached by bus.


    For people looking for a quiet area with beautiful beaches

    Es Canar is a quiet place but not far from bars, restaurants, pubs and shops.
    Es Canar is famous for the hippy market on Wednesday from 9.00am to 7.00pm in Punta Arabi.
    In this street market you can find clothes, objects and leather leather, jewelry, paintings and a self-service restaurant.

    ibiza where to go
    Es Canar Beach

    In Es Canar there is a beautiful sandy beach appreciated by families and not far away there is the quiet and small Cala Nova.

    HOTEL ES CANAR close to beach


    If you like holiday villages, peaceful but also restaurants, shops, walks.

    Santa Eularia is another popular destination in Ibiza and for many people the best place to stay.
    Santa Eularia is the third largest town in Ibizia after the capital city and San Antonio.

    Surrounded by the long beach and promenade, there are numerous shops, restaurants, hotels and bars.
    The main street of the village, lined by numerous trees, is ideal for evening walks.


    ibiza relax

    I have visitad Ibiza many times and I prefer to stay between Ibiza Town and playa d'en Bossa because I love walking through the shops.
    Then, I usually rent a car in the airport that allows me to move and change beach every day (I recommend you to do it).

    To Know:
    The north is the wildest part of Ibiza, far from tourism (compared to the south) very green. Choose it only if you plan to travel by car or you are looking for a relax holiday.
    I conclude the article dedicated to "where to stay in Ibiza" and  I hope to help you in your choice.
    Please, do not forget to share the article with your friends or family, by clicking one of the social buttons you see below. Thank you.