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A selection of the most popular holiday accommodation in Gran Canaria.

On this page I collect the most frequent requests of blog readers about the advice on the best facilities to stay in Gran Canaria. 
Each question is preceded by the label so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. 


⇨  HOTEL PLAYA DEL INGLES  (BEVERLY PARK). Excellent value for money. Possibility of half board or all inclusive. One of the most booked hotel in Playa del Ingles. Very close to the equipped beach.
⇨  APARTHOTEL PLAYA DEL INGLES (VERIL PLAYA). Choose this location if you want to stay close to the Dune and the wide beach. If you are looking for a tourist place with some centers dedicated to nightlife. 
⇨  PLAYA INGLES ECONOMIC APARTMENTS:  Apartamentos Amazonas. For those seeking an independent and economical solution near the beach.
⇨  APARTHOTEL IN PUERTO RICO:  Rio Piedras. Good value for money. Ideal for winter stays, for family with children, for sea life in every season of the year.

⇨  AMADORES HOLIDAYS: spectacular views of the ocean and Tenerife. Close to the famous beach Amadores, great for autumn-winter stays. Ideal for couples. Various facilities: sauna, gym...
⇨  ADULTS ONLY APARTMENTS: Only for adults guests (no children) in Puerto Rico. another area designated for classic sea life. Between Amadores and Anfi mar.
⇨  HOLIDAY VILLAGE At Mogán Playa  - Beautiful resort located in the hottest and no windy part of the island: Puerto de Mogan. Small but pretty beach surrounded by shops. A village made up of white houses with colorful flowers on the balconies. Intimate, full of restaurants, ideal for couples or for families with children.

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1. Labels: 5-star resort, holiday in winter, families with children. 

Q: Hello Moira, could you suggest me a 5-star resort in the south-west of Gran Canaria? The area that you indicated in your blog as the best in winter. I would go to a New Year's holiday with my wife and a child of 7 years. Thank you

A: Hello! There are different Resort in Gran Canaria also very luxurious. For your needs I suggest this: Cordial MoganEnclosed in a picturesque forest with palm trees and gardens reminiscent of the hinterland of the island. It is located in a flat area near the beach: Puerto de Mogan and near the fishermen ancient village.

Alternatively, in the village of  Taurito it is  this resort  that has the characteristic of having a water park ideal for children.
The small but charming beach in Puerto de Mogan

2. Holiday in September, vacation with children, children's club.

Hello, I need advice... we drive to Gran Canaria in September for 14 days, 2 adults and 1 child, could you indicate us a warm place for sea life, thank you.

For those traveling with children I always recommend a flat area or at least close to the beach and city center.

1.  In Puerto de Mogan  there are these apartments in residence with a children's area and a kids club.
The village is located in the most southeastern area of Gran Canaria: warm and stable climate with small beach (see picture above). 

2. Even the beautiful beach of Anfi del Mar is suitable for children as the water gently slopes but if you want to stay in this area you have to move to Puerto Rico (only 5 km away) which has more affordable price and also another nice beach.

Anfi del mar best for children

3. Holiday adventure, sleep near the airport LPA.

I ask you a hint: we're a couple landed in Gran Canaria around midnight for an adventure holiday , we only booked flight + car. Could you suggest us an accommodation to overnight the first night because we arrived late? So not far from the airport ... Maybe Aguimes is a good idea? Thanks in advance! 

Hello, it is better to stay in a location easily accessible from motorway so Vecindario is better to AguimesDepending on your economic possibilities in Vecindario you can stay in a: 
or to a more economy solution you can move in Pozo Izquierdo in: 

4. Gran Canaria meet people, meeting young people in the Canary Islands, Las Palmas, vacation without car rental. 

Hello, I booked a flight to Gran Canaria in January. My doubt is: there are young people or just retired? 😰 I would not get bored, because I would go alone! 

Hello! If you go to the South in the winter you'll probably find many retirees who spend the winter on the island. In general, the Canary Islands are not exactly "young" for that target better to go to the Balearic in the summer. However Las Palmas, the capital city is more youthful and cosmopolitan compared to the south of the island but if you are interested in meeting new friends, stay here because it is an university area and therefore you can meet more young people.
The tourist area of Las Palmas with a long walk along the sea full of bars and restaurants are located in the Las Canteras area.

Start of long, wide beach town "Las Canteras".

5. Holiday with children, where to swim, stay by the sea. 

Hello, I would like to ask you a question: last year in January I was in Tenerife (in Los Cristianos). I was fine both for climate and for the sea (i could swim).  I decided that every year in January I will come to the Canaries. Reading your post it seems that Gran Canaria is well too. I look for a place near a "warm beach" in a town where you can take a walk in the evening. I travel with my wife and my 2 year old son. What do you recommend us? Where your apartment is? Thanks and bye.

Los Cristianos is the only area that I like Tenerife, speaking of sea life holiday. If you want to try something similar in Gran Canaria, you should stay in Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan and swim and sunbathe on beautiful beaches of Amadores, Anfi del mar ... you'll see that you'll be very satisfied by the way are beaches ideal for families with small children as your.
The countries listed above are smaller than Los Cristianos, but being t
ourist towns there is everything you need and you can walk safely in the evenings.
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6. Reduced Mobility, Gran Canaria in wheelchairs, Playa del Ingles. 

Hello, me and my wife wanted to go to Gran Canaria in January . The problem is that I'm in a wheelchairCan you recommend a hotel accessible at reasonable prices? I saw many apartments but for us they are not fit. Thank you so much.

Hello! There are several structures with perfect rooms for guests with disabilities in Gran Canaria especially in the South area that is the most tourist. I advise you to stay in Playa del Ingles / Maspalomas since they are flat areas compared to Puerto Rico or Amadores and you can go with the wheelchair without necessarily making steps. 
Walk halfway between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles.

7. Holiday with children, Christmas in Gran Canaria, stay by the sea. 

Hello! First, thank you for your information on the blog. I was considering doing, with my wife and my 5 year old son, the upcoming Christmas holiday / New Year in a warm place. I really thought the Canaries. I could you give some advice? I realized that Puerto Rico is recommended. Thanks 

Hello, yes that's right. The southwest zone of Gran Canaria is the warmer and less windy area in the island. Some tourist countries in this area are: Arguineguin, Anfi del mar, Puerto Rico (Amadores), Playa del Cura, Taurito, Puerto de Mogan.

The beaches in this area are sheltered from strong winds. Obviously the water is colder compared to the Mediterranean Sea but no waves and the sea slopes gently: a bath and / or walk in the water is possible in every season. 
For younger children the beaches mentioned are perfect. 

To choose the best accommodation in this area look those linked to the number 1, 2 and 5.

The popular beach of Amadores ideal destination for winter tourism.

8. Holiday for single in Canaries, social life, meet people. 

Hi Moira, I would like to book a Christmas holiday in Gran Canaria . I am a forty year old single and I looking for relaxation but also social life (not in Ibiza style). Which is the best area for my needs? 

Hi, there are only two places that I would recommend to Gran Canaria to a single traveling: Playa del Ingles or Las Palmas (the capital city). 
Playa del Ingles is full of bars m
any of them dedicated to the gay world. If you are heterosexual best go to Tenerife in Playa de Las Americas: It is more "lively" at night

Las Palmas at Christmas: It is not suitable season for beach life as it is colder and rainy, but definitely richer in young Spanish people. Under the Carnival period (usually in February) there are also many tourists.

Here is a map of Gran Canaria useful for identifying the countries mentioned on the page. If you want, you can also share it with your friends by clicking the symbol next to the title. Thank you.

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