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CAR HIRE CANARY ISLANDS: Think to know before hiring a car



Recommended rentals car in the Canary Islands are Europcar and its sub-brands cheaper: Interrent and Keddy.
  • Hertz and its economic sottomarcha: Thrifty.
Not recommended rentals car in the Canary Islands are(in my opinion) Gold Car and its sub-brand car Rhodium (same site). 

Aggressive marketing: trying to sell any extra product from the browser to the various insurance not included in the basic price. Focusing on linguistic difficulties they send you into confusion.
Warning! They catch customers with their competitive prices but selling cars with the formula "full vacuum" will accredit the fuel at an exorbitant price in fact losing the initial cost.
  • Avis Budget and its sub-brand (I had a bad experience with the employees of the desk. Suspecting moves with my credit card).
Don't fall for the shady maneuvers of marketing! Don't be tempted by a price that, at the beginning could seem inviting for renting a car; often it could be a bait and switch that hides traps that you need to know about to better protect yourself. 
car hire canary islands
canary islands car rentals

car hire canary islands
canary islands car rentals


Think to know and things not to do.

Here are a few essential points that will allow you to avoid running into "tricks on the run".

1. Rent a car on-line. By experience I tell you that hiring a car in advance is most convenient.
Renting one at the rental company desk in the airport or in hotel is more expensive.
Furthermore if you book on-line you can freely choose various options up to the maximum amount you want to spend and read the contract at your leisure.

2. Book in advance and Pick up the car straight from the airport (opting for a company that proposes free cancellation.)

3. Do not buy upgrade option or Paying for extras that you don't need.
When you arrive at the airport to pick up your pre-booked car, the clerk may recommend you to rent a higher-category car paying more. If you are not interested say No.

3. Full-empty fuel policy: Rent a car with the fuel option: full to full.

This last point is very important and essential to save money. There are 2 options about fuel offered for car rental:
  1. full for full
  2. full vacuum
The reason that the clerk offer you a "full vacuum" option is that the gasoline you will be credited at a higher price than the current price.
You can give the car back without refueling but often you do not consume all the gas and a refund is not always provided.

If, for example, in Gran Canaria you would spend 35 euros to refuel, with rental cars service you would pay a minimum of 60 euros. I speak for experience.

CAUTION: A big car has a larger tank. You'll be credited more expensive amounts.

Best Car Rentals in the Canary islands

Best websites to rent a car in Canary Island are RentalCars, DoyouSpain and AutoEurope.
All 3 sites are reliable, I have used them personally and have not had a problem with the reservations.
These websites contain different economic solutions of different types of cars from different partner rental companies: Avis, Hertz, Alamo, EuropeCar, Budget, Thrifty, Keddy, etc...

I often rent a car for short or long periods when I go in my holiday apartment in Gran Canaria.
I prefer not to depend on buses or taxis.

What does it cost to rent a car for a day or a week? Get a fast and free online quote.

IS IT CONVENIENT Rent a car in the Canaries?

Yes. Renting a car in Spain is quite cheap but book a car in the Canary Islands has several advantages including:


We are on an island in the percentage of car theft is virtually zero.
The reason is obvious: If you steal a car in a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean, where do you go?
The islands, have small dimensions and sooner or later the thief would be caught.
In Gran Canaria there is only one highway connecting the north and south of the island and a coastal road.
It is more convenient to steal a dinghy! ;)


Driving in the deserted streets of the Canary seeds is easy. The traffic is contained.

TO KNOW: The only place where driving requires attention is in the center of Las Palmas (busy streets and very narrow) and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the south of the island it will be difficult to find a free parking lot and that's why you should book accommodation in which there is the possibility to easily parking. (as in my apto in Puerto Rico ^ _ ^).

3. The price of PETROL is convenient

In the Canaries there is NO methane.
The only gas present in the Canaries is the LPG but the distributors are still few.
As a tourist you'd better rent a car petrol to avoid running dry.

REMEMBER: If you DO NOT returned a car with a full tank, they hold you an extra amount from your credit card.

I hope I have helped to prevent disappointments.

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