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Hotspot wifi canarias: free and paid service.

Wifi Access in the Canaries all the solutions. Free or paid service. Hotspot area maps and prices.

WIFI Gran Canaria

free hotspot gran canaria

WIFI FREE in Gran Canaria:

If you need an occasional and sporadic use...

TIP: Find McDonalds... They always have free wi-fi access.
If you go in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria) you can find McDonalds in the downtown (usually you can sit and use internet even without consuming.)

Even in many shopping centers wi-fi service is free.
In the South of Gran Canaria you can find:.

Shopping Center El Tablero
Free wi-fi
Avda. Francisco Vega Monroy, nÂș21
El Tablero - San Bartolomé de Tirajana / output: 48 de la Autopista G.C.1

FREE WIFI for a Drink:

There are several internet cafes around the most popular beaches that offer internet access in exchange for a drink (usually the service provided is highlighted in some sign at the entrance.)


(Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura)

If your trip is traveling between the various islands, there is a comfortable solution that allows you to subscribe the wifi service to the same company that have several hotspots scattered in these islands.

The name is: 1A-Hotspot System (One Online Code for 2000 Hotspots in the Canary Islands)

You can buy the service online paying with a credit card/PayPal at arrival in the Canaries.

In my apartment, in Puerto Rico, our manager required the installation of antennas on the roof of the residence so the owners and their guests can buy it if they need.

Buy access, Coverage, Account details... More info at:

Prices wifi season 2017:

1 Day 6 €
4 DAYS € 16
1 WEEK € 20
2 WEEKS: 28 €
21 days € 32
1 MONTH € 40

Mobile Wifi device:
The last alternative, the most expensive, is to rent a pocket and wireless device.
This solution is perfect if you need a Unlimited Internet Connection.
It doesn’t need installation.
Full speed: up to 21Mbps
More info here:

I traveled up and down Gran Canaria. Only once I found free internet and it was in Las Palmas on the Las Canteras beach but I heard that from 2015 the service has been deleted. I'm not sure about this.
Anyway in this map you can see all the reported free hotspot in Gran Canaria.

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That's all! Spend amazing holidays in the Canaries. I hope the information is helpful to you, if so share the news. Thank you! ^ _ ^

October 2017