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Opinions and advice on the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria: the biggest, the best beach to go in winter, best beaches for kids and family, white sand beaches and less windy.

best Family beaches gran canaria
Best gran canaria beaches

In this article I'll talk about the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria. Some of my readers are planning a trip to this island so I thought to write a useful guide-article to direct them to the fullest. Carve out a break in a warm place all year round, it's always a good solution. Taking advantage of the favorable climate of the Canary Islands you can go back to work sporting a nice tan. To avoid making mistakes, here is a list of the best beaches of the island where you can swim and sunbathe.   

In this article we'll see in detail:
  1. Opinions and tips about the best beaches of Gran Canaria
  2. The most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria
  3. Gran Canaria white beaches
  4. Gran Canaria less windy beaches.
  5. Most beautiful beach in the north of Gran Canaria (biggest beach).

The best beaches in Gran Canaria

First of all you need to consider if your vacation to the Canaries is going to be in Spring/Summer or in Autumn/Winter.

The climate varies at different places of the island depending on the seasons. There are only some "Happy" zones in which you can enjoy the beautiful sun 365 days a year.

Where is the most sunny area in Gran Canaria and less windy?

West-south of the island is the zone with the best climate of the island.
Choose an accommodation in the area limited by the municipality of Mogan. Here 3 accommodation located in this area:
⇨   APARTHOTEL IN PUERTO RICO :  Rio Piedras. Good value for money. Ideal for winter stays, for family with children, for sea life in every season of the year.

⇨  AMADORES HOLIDAYS : spectacular views of the ocean and Tenerife. Close to the famous beach Amadores, great for autumn-winter stays. Ideal for couples. Various facilities: sauna, gym...
⇨  HOLIDAY VILLAGE At Mogán Playa - Beautiful resort located in the hottest and no windy part of the island: Puerto de Mogan. Small but pretty beach surrounded by shops. A village made up of white houses with colorful flowers on the balconies. Intimate, full of restaurants, ideal for couples or for families with children.

When Summer ends it is normal to be nostalgic. Ahead of us come cold months and if, like me, you are not a mountain lover and love skiing, the lack of the sea, the sun and the light clothing will be felt soon.
Fortunately after a few-hour flight from main European capitals, you can find some beautiful beaches to visit even during the Winter season or when it is still cold where we live.

Gran Canaria's best beaches

My favorites are:


This beautiful beach is 800 meters long; it is located in the southwest of the island and it is artificial. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the beach did not exist. Now in the bay, there are several luxurious resorts. The sand was imported from the Sahara.

Amadores Beach
Amadores Beach view


This beach, approximately 500 meters long, is natural but the sand is imported even from the Sahara for a very practical reason. As you can imagine, the natural sand of the Canary is dark, almost black because they are volcanic islands. Here, try to imagine what it's like to walk or sit on a black sand that absorbs the heat of the sun burns ... to no end! An island that thrives on tourism must protect its guests so to make the stay at the beach more comfortable for the many tourists, this solution was thought of. Puerto Rico and Amadores are the selected beaches for watersports lovers such as jet-skiing, parascending, pedal boats, scuba diving, snorkelling.

Best beach for kids
Puerto rico playa

Gran Canaria's white beaches

The most famous and the most beautiful white beach of the Gran Canaria is Anfi del Mar. Yes, even here the sand has been imported.. from the Caribbean. It's my favorite beach among the 3 mentioned.

Anfi de Mar
Anfi del Mar White beach 

Beaches of Gran Canaria. A great ocean of beaches

As you can see in the images below, these three above-mentioned beaches are close to each other, a few kilometer in distance from one to another. Even one can reach the Amadores beach from the one at Puerto Rico on foot, and vice versa, traveling through the popular track of around 1 kilometer that overlooks the ocean.

best beaches gran canaria
Gran Canaria best beaches

If possible, I always suggest to rent a car online and to give it back directly at the airport. During the years I tried various solutions: bus, taxi and rent a car and I have to say that the last option is the most comfortable one.
 The prices are affordable and the gas is very economic. If you want to know how much it can cost for a rental car at Canaries, you can make an automatic quote in few seconds here:

Gran Canaria less windy beaches

These above-mentioned are the less windy beaches at Gran Canaria and for these reasons they are my favorites.
Sunbathing is possible in each season by lying on the beach and take the sun the whole day.
I add to the list the Beach of Port of Mogan: Tiny and crowded beach to be counted among the best on the island, but enters the list of less windy beaches of Gran Canaria and one of the hottest.

All these beaches just named are free and secure.
You can bring your own beach umbrella and sunbed or rent one on the spot (for the guests of my apartment there is a beach set available including: beach umbrella + thermal bag for the drinks ;).

It's possible to rent only the sunbed or beach umbrella if needed. The prices are displayed.
There are toilets and showers with payment as well as restaurants, bars and shops.


If your holiday to the Canaries is in the winter, the beaches mentioned above are the only recommended.
There are no waves, are sheltered from strong winds, and are ideal for families with children as the beach slopes gently.
Swimming in the sea it is always possible, and though chilly, I do not find the water so cold.

I have always taken a bath in the sea every season of the year without any problems.
On weekends these beaches are literally besieged by the local people, it will be difficult to find a free parking.

The most beautiful beach in the North of the Gran Canaria

The largest beach of Gran Canaria is Las Canteras. It is considered the most beautiful urban beach in Europe. A visit to Las Palmas (capital city) and its long beach, always worth the trip.
But I advise do not stay in the north in the winter time: you risk to find an uninviting weather.

If your holiday takes place in summer... wear the costume and make a splash in Las Canteras.

winter in the canaries
Las Canteras in Winter

Gran Canaria nudist beaches

Maspalomas dunes

In Spain, nude sunbathing is not prohibited, it is a tolerated practice and nobody is scandalized.

Remaining on the south of the island, the beach where you can sunbathe, naked, is Maspalomas.
The beach is very long and merges into one whole with the adjoining beach of Playa del Ingles.
It is not clear when one country starts and the other ends. In between these two locations there is a selected area for naturists and walking on the beach as you will be able to notice.
This area is not for the timid naturists, it is not reserved as being a part of the great Maspalomas beach, you have to get used to living with people taking a stroll, as well as the other tourists.
The naturists in this region are both men and women, of any ages and nationalities, with predominance of Germans.
The Dunes of Maspalomas are worth a visit and a set of photos in this small Spanish Sahara.

Playa Montaña de Arena (Playa Carpinteras)

This is a small nudist beach almost unknown to tourists. It is hidden and here you can practice nudism without having to do with the whole mass of people that crowd the dunes of Maspalomas.
In my opinion it's not the best beach of the island but it is noted as one of the most populated by Spanish nudists.

Playa Montaña de Arena

If you want to know how to arrive, read the reviews and the photo: go to Google Maps.
I close out with the list of all the Gran Canaria beaches in alphabetical order.
Some are famous and some are less so, but if you want to discover them all, sign up for a good tour!

Amadores, Anfi Beach, Aquamarina Beach, Arguineguin, Dorado Beach, El Cabron, El Confital, Las Salinetas, Maspalomas, Melenara, Meloneras, Patalavaca. Playa de Arinaga, Playa de la Laja,Playa de las Alcaravaneras, Playa de las Burras, Playa de las Canteras, Playa de las Mujeres, Playa de los Cuervitos & Tres Peos, Playa de Mogan, Playa de Vargas / las Cruces,Playa del Hombre, Playa del Ingles, Playa El Veril & El Cochino, Playa Guayedra, Playa Hoya Pozuelo, Playa La Garita, Playa Malpaso, Playa Montaña la Arena, Playa Morro Besudo, Playa Ojos de Garza, Playa San Boronbon, Pozo Izquierdo, Puerto Rico, San Agustin, Tarajalillo, Tarajalillo, Taurito, Tufia.

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See you soon!

24 january 2017
Moira R.J