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The most beautiful places to visit near Milan: Lombardia lakes, villas, castles... Italy day trip.
Milan points of interest. Places to visit around Milan. Towns near Milan worth visiting.

Whether you stay in Milan for a pleasure trip or on business, you might consider prolonging your stay so as to see some interesting places less than 100 km from the chief-town of Lombardy. 

After visiting the Castle of the Sforzas, the cathedral, the Victor Emmanuel II gallery, the monumental cemetery and the church of Saint Ambrogio and after having the inevitable aperitif (happy hour) in the "Navigli" area, you can organize pleasant outings to 6 places that are easily reachable by car or by bus/train.

places to visit around milan
Navigli Milano ideal for nightlife
Stay close to Navigli?

To Know: If You love Leonardo da Vinci, don't forget to go and see The Last Supper in the refectory of the Convent of Saint Maria delle Grazie in Milan.
Booking is obligatory for an attraction that is in such demand.

In this post:

  1. Visit Crespi D'Adda ,
  2. Visit Bergamo,
  3. Visit Como Lake villas ,
  4. Visit Castles near Milan
  5. Visit Isola Bella, Lake Maggiore,
  6. Visit Iseo Lake e Montisola.

Six places to visit near Milan

We start by presenting in order of distance the places in Lombardy that are the most visited, or that deserve to be so.

Bergamo, Città Alta 

Trust to me, Bergamo worth a visit. 

Bergamo, the town that hosts the Bergamo Science Festival every year, is located in the center of Lombardy and is easily accessible from the main European cities through the Orio al Serio Airport by low cost airlines like Ryanair or by train to Milano Centrale (about 1 hour).

When you land you can get to the city centre by taking one of the many buses just outside Arrivals. 
You can buy the bus tickets directly on Ryanair flight or in the airport.

Lower Bergamo is a lovely city, like so many others, but its most precious jewel is hidden behind the walls of the Upper City: an ancient and fascinating area to be explored on foot along the narrow streets with a stop in the beautiful Piazza Vecchia, the ancient civic heart of the town and in Piazza Duomo with its sumptuous monuments and churches.  

Cities near Milan
Panorama di Bergamo: città alta

There are many tours you can take in Italian as well as English. More info here:

Places to go near milan

Crespi D'Adda

Crespi D'Adda was created to house the workers and management who worked in the village cotton mill and it is a complete testimony to the phenomenon of the 19th century called workers' villages.

You might not know it, but about 40 km from Milan there is a UNESCO world heritage village. This village is an unspoiled example of architectural history that goes back to the dawning of the industrial civilization.


  • I recommend this hotel near Trezzo's Castle: Villa Appiani
  • A lovely and stylish hotel in a perfect location for driving travelers. A short jump to Milano or Bergamo. Very romantic!

To Know: The village is an inhabited place, you can join one of many guided tours through the areas but you cannot go inside the patronal house and the factory.

Things to see in a day:

 1. A walk along the streets of Crespi.

 2. A boat trip on the river Adda,

 3. On foot or by bike in the steps of Leonardo da Vinci to the places that inspired the background of the "Virgin of the Rocks".

 4. Central Taccani and the castle of Trezzo sull'Adda.

Leonardo da Vinci places
Central Taccani Trezzo
  • For additional information on how to visit Crespi, reservations, guided tours, click this links: Crespi Village.

Interesting places close to Milan

Tremezzina: Villa Carlotta e Villa Balbianello - Como Lake

On the calm banks of Lake Como, so much loved by the international jet-set, there are 2 villas that I suggest you to visit: 

Villa Carlotta, which is located in an enormous botanical park of 70,000 square metres, and, a few kilometres away...

Villa del Balbianello, which goes back to the 12th century and was popular, in its time, with famous representatives of the Italian Risorgimento.   

During the visit to the villas, the museum and the gardens, you can spend a carefree and relaxing afternoon immersed in art and nature.   

What a pity...  George Clooney is not included in the ticket price for a visit to the Lake Como's villas!😉

Best places to visit from Milan

Castello di Malpaga, Urgnano e Pagazzano: 65-75 km from Fiera Milano

If you are passionate about medieval castles, you can jump on an Italian history tour and visit the 3 castles, which are completely intact, in the neighboring province of Bergamo.

In these villages they often put on historical activities and commemorations which it is always interesting to take part in.  

In Urgnano, during the village festival, it is possible to book a place for the night-time interactive theatrical shows.   

A mystery tour that is really lovely and absorbing, walking through the rooms of the castle you will discover the beauty of the castle while following the actors who are reciting in many rooms.  
The whole surroundings create an evocative atmosphere which is increased by the darkness of the evening and the ancient beauty of the Castle of Urgnano.  

In Malpaga every year they put on the historical commemoration: figures who are dressed in ancient clothes, flag-wavers, stalls... everything and everybody strictly in the Medieval style. 

As an alternative to the historical commemoration, you can always take part in the Medieval dinner organized inside the Castle in one of the many rooms being used, booking in advance. 

Before leaving for your visit to the Castles I advise you to consult the official website page dedicated to opening hours, dates of opening and current events:  

Best places near Milan

Isola bella, Lago Maggiore, Palazzo Borromeo80 km from Milan

Lake Maggiore is divided in half between two regions of Italy, Lombardy and Piedmont, and is famous for its Borromean Islands (among them the Island of the Fishermen, The Mother Island (l'isola Madre) and the "Isola Bella"). On these islands, which can be visited by ferry, you can see charming hamlets, breathtaking scenery, gardens, and old villas.  
Isola bella
Isola Bella

WHERE TO STAY Como lake:

  • Hotel Regina Palace: This is a beautiful Belle Epoque hotel, sumptuously decorated. Right on the lake and 5 minutes from town.

The best-known and worth a visit, it is surely Isola Bella (Piedmont lakeside) where you can see Palazzo Borromeo and its lovely gardens.
The palace is in Baroque style, richly decorated with tapestries and Flemish tapestries.
There are also some underground rooms called artificial caves furnished according to the fashion of the time with mirrors, seashells and black marble to simulate the memory of a marine environment.
At the end of your visit to the palace you go into a park made up of different terraced gardens one above another which go to make up a pyramid embellished with fountains and statues.  
In this idyllic scenery you can spend a number of hours.  

Places near milan to visit

Lago D'Iseo, Montisola: 90 km from Milan

Another interested place to see is Lake Iseo with its evocative and romantic towns, so romantic that many newlyweds decided to organize their weddings there.   
It is conveniently accessible from Milan by Motorway A4.   
On Lake Iseo one can do many things, see Sarnico, Paratico and Iseo center; boat excursions; excursions to discover villas and castles; and cyclo-tourist rides for lovers of the sport.   

Places near milan to visit


  • B&B Day By Day: wonderful apartment very comfortable furnished. It served a freshly breakfast every morning. Location very close to downtown Iseo - 10 minutes to walk.

Montisola is the largest European lacustrine island with a circumference of about nine kilometers, and it is accessible by ferry.
Once disembarked, to visit churches and admire evocative landscapes, one can rent a bicycle: Cars are not allowed.  In one and a half hours you can go around the island.   
If instead you want a quiet walk you can visit Peschiera Maraglio, a picturesque fisherman's village, the most touristy and visited village on the island.   

I hope, I have given you some interesting tips for organizing your next trip.  

Please, help me to promote the beauty of my country by sharing this article. Thank you... 😘
Updated January 2019
Moira R.