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IS GRAN CANARIA WINDY? Least windy Canary Island

Is Gran Canaria windy?

Gran Canaria is not so windy. I consider Gran Canaria the best island to go to for a winter holiday in the Canary Islands. The least windy area of Gran Canaria is located in the South-West. Municipality of Mogàn. 
is gran canaria windy
gran canaria

Which is the least windy area of Gran Canaria?

Mogan. The least windy area of Gran Canaria includes several villages, the most popular are: Puerto Rico (Playa de Amadores), Anfi del Mar and Puerto de Mogan
The beaches are protected from strong winds; ocean without waves. Usually the temperatures in winter are about 25 degrees.

is gran canaria windy
Playa Amadores

Ocean is not as mild as the Mediterranean Sea but is pleasant to swim. Especially if you live in the England, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia...

Which is the windiest area of ​​Gran Canaria

The windiest area of ​​Gran Canaria is located in the North-east part (near airport) so if you want to be sure to stay in the hottest part of Gran Canaria, book an accommodation in the area you see on the map below: Below are the offers for accommodation in the less windy area of Gran Canaria. Prices for 7 nights, per accommodation, NOT per person.

Is gran canaria windy in july, august and september?

No, Gran Canaria is not windy in July, August and September if you stay in Southern-west part. The windiest canary islands in July and August are lanzarote and fuerteventura, especially the latter.

Is gran canaria windy in october and november?

No, Gran Canaria is not windy in October and November if you stay in Southern-west part. Outside this area it is possible to find wind especially in the northern towns and in the wide beaches such as Maspalomas and Las Canteras. The airport area is quite windy.

Is gran canaria windy in May and April

No, Gran Canaria is not windy in October and November if you stay in Southern-west part. Outside this area it is possible to find wind especially in the northern towns and in the wide beaches such as Maspalomas and Las Canteras.

Is it windy in maspalomas gran canaria

Yes it is, Maspalomas is windy. The wide beaches such as Maspalomas Dunas and Las Canteras are usually windy.

maspalomas is windy?

Is San Agustin gran canaria windy

Yes it is, San Augustin is windy and colder than the villages in the southwest of the island.

Thank you and have a nice and sunny holiday!


IS LANZAROTE WINDY? Least windy canary island

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the windiest islands in the Canary Islands.

Is Lanzarote windy?

Yes it is, Lanzarote is windy. I stayed several time in Lanzarote in winter and the weather is changeable: someday sunny, some days rainy and windy. In the map below you can see the best part of Lanzarote, the sunniest and least windy of the island.
is lanzarote windy
Is lanzarote windy

Which is the least windy beach in Lanzarote?

If you are looking for a sheltered and sunny beach in Lanzarote, you can stay in the Southern zone, in ​​Playa Blanca. 
is lanzarote windy
Playa Blanca

Below, the offers for accommodation in the least windy area of Lanzarote. Prices for 7 nights, per accommodation, NOT per person.

Least windy canary island

The least windy Canary Island is Tenerife, Southern zone, and Gran Canaria, southwest area.

Sunniest area in Tenerife is located in Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos. 

Booking an accommodation in least windy area of Tenerife:

least windy  resort in the canary island
least windy canary island
Thank you and enjoy your stay.


Is the north of Gran Canaria colder than the South?

Is the north of Gran Canaria colder than the South?

The North of Gran Canaria is as not warm as the Southern area.

Gran Canaria where to stay

Where to Stay in Gran Canaria?

The best area where to stay in Gran Canaria if you look for beautiful beaches sheltered from the wind, is located in the southwest part of the island, in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria: one of the most popular seaside resorts on the island.

Listed below you can see the offers for accommodation in the less windy area of Gran Canaria. Prices for 7 nights, per accommodation, NOT per person.

Where to Stay in Gran Canaria North

In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: the capital of the island situate in the Gran Canaria northern part.

I suggest staying in this cosmopolitan city in the summer months which enjoy a stable climate while in winter it is more cloudy and rainy than in the southern resorts.

It is also very touristy but if you are looking for the classic seaside resort in which to spend the winter months, it is better to stay in the sunniest area: in Puerto Rico. Las Canteras, the beach of Palmas, is more windy. Swimming is possible but the water is colder and the ocean is more wavy compared to the sheltered beaches of the South.

However, in February I recommend staying a few days in Las Palmas because there is the famous Spanish carnival and the city comes alive with parties, allegorical floats, music on the streets and it is pleasant to be part of it. 

Las Palmas is a cosmopolitan, young city (there is a university and many Europeans come for Erasmus) full of shops, restaurants and clubs. The main street of Las Palmas is "Calle Triana" very long, full of people, a lively place. 

Gran Canaria North or South?
Where to Stay in Gran Canaria

Beach front hotel in Las Palmas

hotels in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

📍 YOU KNOW THAT Las Palmas have the largest carnival in the world after Rio De Janeiro?

I would advise you to stay in Las Palmas at least for 3 nights in order to visit the historic centre and walking in the avenue that runs along Europe's most beautiful urban beach. 

Here a map with some accommodation... to get a personalized quote you must enter the dates of your trip: prices are per room, not per person.


Better San Antonio or Playa d'en Bossa?

Playa d'en Bossa or San Antonio?

Playa d'en Bossa.
Chose Playa d'en Bossa If you love to stay surrounded by many people, clubs, music, restaurants with outdoor tables, if you love the nightlife, if you want to stay in the center of social life  you must necessarily stay between Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza city. July and August are monthsvery crowded of tourists.

San Antonio or Playa d'en Bossa? 

San Antonio de Portmany, if you want to stay in a tourist area cheaper than Palya d'en Bossa. Here are many clubs, it is not unusual to see many young Brits drunk, after a certain time. One of the best known places to watch the sunset which attracts many tourists.

Where in Ibiza is best for clubbing?
Better San Antonio or Playa d'en Bossa

Read the full article:

Where to stay? San Antonio or Playa D'en Bossa

Listed below you can see the offers for accommodation in San Antonio. Prices for 7 nights, per accommodation, NOT per person.
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Top Things to Visit in Syracuse | Sicily

Things to Visit in Syracuse. One day in Syracuse. Drive to Syracuse to spend the day seeing the city and the attractions. Place to see in Sicily. 

I'm Giusy proudly Sicilian. I have an apartment in Syracuse that I rent to tourists from all over the world. Photos and links at the end of the article. Now let's start talking about the main attractions you can see in Syracuse.

Things to see in Syracuse
Things to Visit in Syracuse  

Things to visit in Syracuse | best attractions

Be ready though. I’ll guide you through the top-attractions in Siracusa

Of course it can’t be an all inclusive tour, because there would be so much to see. But still, I’ll let you catch the historical value and the enchanting atmosphere of this no-time place. If you do not have a car of your own, you can benefit from the electric buses “Siracusa D’Amare” , they have three lines stopping at the main attractions and the daily ticket costs about 3 euros. 

I would suggest to start your day trip with the Archeological Park and the Greek Theatre because they are out of Ortigia and dedicate the second part of the day to enjoy the magic of the island. If you start your visit early in the morning, let’s say around 9.00, whatever your pace is, you can definetely make it for lunch in Ortigia. 

Things to see in Syracuse

visit the Greek Theatre 

It’s a magnificient symbol of the Greek culture in Siracusa. This is the place were Eschilo’s or Plato’s pieces were represented. Nowadays the activity of the theatre is vivid like in the old days. Every year the summer season of the Greek Theatre attracts tourists from all over the world. 
Siracusa best attractions
The Greek Theatre

Take the bus again and reach Ortigia. If you are using your own car, you can try to park at the “Marina”, but it’s usually full in summer, so I would suggest parking “Talete”. In both cases, a few steps and you will be in the heart of Ortigia. Have a stop at the Temple of Apollo and have a stroll along the alleys among boutiques, souvernirs and good food. 
Things to see in Syracuse
Questa foto di Tempio di Apollo è offerta da TripAdvisor. 

Piazza Duomo and cathedral 

Follow the directions to Piazza Duomo, a masterpiece of architecture mixed in centuries and religion. From the sides of the Cathedral it is still possible to see the columns of the ancient Temple built in V century BC. 
Siracusa day trip
Piazza Duomo

visit Maniace castle

Reach the “Fonte Aretusa”, where old myths and legends are still alive and enjoy the view of the sea while tasting some genuine Sicilian food. After the Fonte Aretusa, walk straight to the left enjoy a walk along the seaside and reach the “Castello Maniace” built between 1232 and 1240 by Federico II and that derives its name from a byzantine general. This is just a short example of how you can travel along history in a few steps. 
Places to visit in Sicily
Castello Maniace

visit Syracuse museums

Should you still have time before dinner and should you be willing to take advantage of all your time in Siracusa choose one of the museums you can find in the heart of the isle:
  • Museo Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimede di Siracusa, an interactive exhibition interesting for both adults and children
  • Museo del Papiro, that will show you how in this area papyrus is worked like in Egypt 
  • Museo del Mare, celebrating the precious relationship between Siracusa and its sea
  • Museo Regionale di Palazzo Bellomo, exhibition of famous painters like Antonello da Messina and Caravaggio 
  • Museo dell’Opera dei Pupi, celebrating this worldwide famous Sicilian art and Unesco 
  • Cultural Heritage. 
  • Museo del Cinema, being Siracusa one of the most frequent set for movies and advertisements.

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi

The most famous museum in Siracusa is the Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi, one of the most important in Europe. You will find there the most precious prehystoric, Roman and Greek artefacts belonging to Sicily. It is not located in the island of Ortigia, but in the city, viale Teocrito, so you will probably need more time for it (which is absolutely deserved!) and one single day for all is not enough.
So many things to see and enjoy! The proposal above is just an input, but for sure you have more and more reasons to come back!

If you want more tips about things to do in Syracuse, stay in my apartment in Ortigia! I'm Giusy proudly Sicilian.

We will meet us at check-in and you can ask me anything you want, I will help you discover Sicily as a real local!
syracuse holiday
My Apartment in Ortigia

Lovely and just refurnished apartment located in the very heart of Ortygia inside the court of an elegant baroque building.
Proudly Sicilian, my apartment is perfect for max 4 guests having 1 double bedroom and 1 sofa bed. Come to Ortigia and enjoy the show!

For further and booking:
Written by local expert Giusy Sciacca
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Top 5 SEASIDE TOWNS in Tuscany | Italy

Best seaside places in tuscany to stay for a beach holiday | Top 5 seaside towns in Tuscany:

  • Viareggio
  • Forte dei Marmi
  • Marina di Pietrasanta
  • Lido di Camaiore
  • Elba island

best seaside towns in Tuscany
Best seaside resort in Tuscany

Tuscany destinations, where to stay: beach towns, best coastal towns. What are the best beach resorts in Tuscany? Are there any beaches in Tuscany? What is the best area to stay in Tuscany? Is Tuscany near the coast? Is there a beach near Pisa Italy? 

Top 5 seaside towns in Tuscany

☑️ You can reach Tuscany by car, train or plain. The closest airport to Viareggio, and other coastal towns in Tuscany, is Pisa Airport (PSA), about 34 km away by car or about an hour by train.
☑️ Elba island can be reached by ferry from Piombino and there is also the option to bring its own car or rent a scooter on arrival.
Nice memories! How many beautiful summers I spent in Tuscany with my parents when I was a child.

Tuscany is the ideal region for a beach holiday in any season because it offers destinations suitable for different kind of tourists: families, couples, groups of friends looking for night life.
Unspoiled nature, long and wide beaches, totally equipped, high quality food and wine are just some of the strengths that make a holiday in Tuscany a perfect choice.

Best seaside places in Tuscany

seaside towns in Tuscany

Here a list of the most beautiful and popular seaside resorts in Tuscany to choose for a weekend as well as a long stay in summer months:

Forte dei Marmi

If you are looking for a seaside resort in Tuscany that have a lively nightlife but also a beautiful and long beach perfect to sunbathe, Forte dei Marmi is perfect place for you.

Since the post-war period, this seaside town has been a meeting place for celebrities and aristocrats who came here for the spacious beaches, the exclusive services, activities, events.
Here the disco concept was born with the famous Capannina in Forte dei Marmi which still attracts fans of all ages.

Nowadays Forte dei Marmi is the destination of a elite tourism, especially of Russian tycoons who have chosen this district as their meeting point.
However there are numerous accommodation options that allow you to find a cheaper hotel or private apartment close to the beach.

Shopping is certainly the strenghts of this location. The city center of Forte dei Marmi is a succession of luxury boutiques and trendy restaurants. It is an ideal destination for group of friends because there is always something to do, both during the day and the evening and it also ideal for couples who like to spend time in a lively place.
See accommodation In Forte dei Marmi

Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore is a quiet but at the same time lively resort, full of clubs, restaurants and close to Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio and finally with very beautiful equipped beaches.

Near the promenade there is also the cycle path suitable for people who love walking, cycling and also skating.
On the waterfront there are many restaurants, clubs and every type of water activity for adults and children.

There is a beautiful pier on the sea, called Bellavista Vittoria, where you can walk or sunbathe and in the summer season many cultural events and shows are scheduled.
Closer to the most important Tuscany touristic places, Lido di Camaiore is also a perfect starting point to visit the region.
See accommodation in Lido di Camaiore


Viareggio is known for its famous Carnival with the final parade of allegorical floats, but it is also a place that offers several kind of activities, shops, restaurants in a very lively place.

The town immediately impresses you with its Art Deco-style.  In Viareggio there are a lot of hotels, perfect for staying in the heart of the nightlife and close to the long beach.

Viareggio has a very long sandy beach, very well equipped, perfect for families with children but also for teenagers. Many sports activities can be practiced here. 

Photo credit by Google 

The pine forest is perfect for walking and cycling lovers. The center and the promenade are full of clubs, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local cuisine. Do not miss an evening in the port area to enjoy a fish dinner or a moonlight walk.

Marina di Pietrasanta

Ideal beach holiday destination for people looking for equipped and modern bathing establishments.
Marina di Pietrasanta is one of the most beautiful naturalistic locations in the whole region.
It has more then five kilometers of beaches and a beautiful crystal sea, fragrant pine forests around the beach where you can take a refreshment in the hottest hours. Tuscany is also an ideal destination for those who love trekking. In fact, besides beautiful beaches there are also the mountains from which numerous paths start.

In the city center there are several kinds of restaurants and taverns as well as a wide range of accommodations from luxury hotels to informal b&b.

One of the symbols of this place is the Pontile di Tonfano, a structure on the sea where you can sunbathe or dive directly into the water.
See accommodation in Marina di Pietrasanta

Elba island

The last resort that I recommend for a beach holiday in Tuscany can only be the Island of Elba.
A vacation on an island is always something special but Elba offers a luxuriant vegetation, with gentle hills and luxuriant vineyards overlooking the sea.
Small hidden beaches with many coves and bays can only be reached by sea, for total privacy.

Elba is also rich in history. Here Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled and signs of his presence are still visible throughout the island.
In addition, the island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park which protects almost 50% of the entire territory of Elba and, for this reason, diving into its waters is a natural spectacle.
The snoorkeling lovers can admire varieties of fish, corals in a really unique marine fauna.

The Island of Elba is perfect for your holidays with children or your pet, in fact all the accommodations and beaches are pet friendly.
Isola d'Elba hotel near the beach

That's all for today, these places in Tuscany are close to each other and absolutely suitable for a summer holiday. Whatever destination you choose, I'm sure you will enjoy your time (tip: every morning take a long healthy walks on the shoreline, you will stock up on healthy air, rich in iodine).

if you have found valid ideas in this article, I would be pleased if you shared an article on your social pages. Thanks! :)

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If you are looking for the best places to stay in Puglia, for a summer holiday, you can choose among these villages:
  • Polignano a mare
  • Monopoli
  • Marina di Ostuni
  • Otranto
  • Marina di Marittima
  • Gallipoli
  • Porto Cesareo
  • Marina di Pulsano
If you are interested in a seaside resort in southern part of Italy, where sunbathing and relaxing, Puglia, with its 865 km of coasts, is a perfect destination for people looking for beautiful beaches and crystal sea.
This article is written by my friend Lucia, who lives in Puglia.
best places to stay in Puglia
Best places to stay in Puglia

Holiday guide to Puglia, southern Italy: the best towns. What is the best town to stay in Puglia?  Where should I base in Puglia? Is Puglia worth visiting? Is Puglia a good place to holiday? Where to stay in Puglia as a base? Puglia destinations: is better Salento or Gargano?


The seaside resorts where I recommend to stay in Puglia are:
  • Gallipoli | perfect place to stay in Puglia for people interested in a lively and fun area. 
  • Lecce is recommended for families with children.
  • Porto Cesareo chosen by those who love for the beautiful white sandy beaches.
  • Otranto is favored to people who prefer the Adriatic coast and it is also a lively seaside resort: the downtown and the clubs are stormed by tourists.
I'd recommend staying in each places at least 3 nights. 

Italians' habits
Good to know: In August many hotels offer weekly stays only, especially in seaside resorts where a lot of Italians spend a week on the beach.
Usually, Italians book their summer holidays by Easter (except this year under Covid-19 pandemic) so if you want to be sure of finding the best, or cheapest, accommodation, it is better to reserve in advance.

Best time to visit Puglia

Best time to visit Puglia: in May, June, September and October while in July and August the beaches and resorts are very crowded and accommodations more expensive. An ideal solution when deciding where to stay in Puglia is to choose a base and visit the nearby villages.

The Apulian coast is very varied. They range from the high cliffs of the Gargano and Mattinata to the small beaches nestled in the rocks of Monopoli, Ostuni, Otranto and Marina di Marittima until to Salento coast with the long and Caribbean Ionian beaches of Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo and Pulsano.

best area to stay in Puglia

Most beautiful seaside resorts in Puglia

  • Mattinata

The city of Mattinata has some of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia, protected from the north-west winds thanks to the high cliffs of Gargano.
best town to stay in Puglia
This photo of Mattinatella Bay is offered by Tripadvisor

Baia delle Zagare is the most famous beach in the Gargano coast and can be reached only by a pass from the Municipality of Mattinata or by staying in one of the hotels located in this village.

Hotel Baia Delle Zagare | This hotel is immersed in the Gargano National Park, set on a cliff overlooking Zagare Bay.

Mattinatela Bay is another fabulous area to relax and its long pebble beach, surrounded by the white cliff, is ideal for lovers of underwater activities.

Where to stay in Mattinata, best view?
Hotel Residence Il Porto | is perched on a hill overlooking the Mattinata Bay.

  • Polignano a Mare

Polignano is a famous city on the Adriatic sea, its views of the historical center overlooking the sea are among the most photographed and beautiful landscapes in Puglia. Here the singer Domenico Modugno was born.

where to stay polignano a mare
Polignano a Mare by Tripadvisor

If you are looking for something of familiar and characteristic, I suggest you to stay in one of the houses with a terrace overlooking the sea in the center of old Polignano.

Where to stay in Polignano best view?
 Dimora Talenti Guesthouse with an amazing view of the ocean. 

base in Puglia
Lungomare Di San Vito by Tripadvisor

During the summer the nightlife in the center of Polignano is very active, so it is recommended for people looking for a lively place: there are many pubs, restaurants and discos frequented by VIPs and influencers.

Lama Monachile is the closest beach to the city, small and very popular both for tourists and locals.

Another area that I recommend where to find more privacy is San Vito beach, just 2 km from Polignano, where you can swim in front of a beautiful abbey founded in the 10th century.

Where to stay for the summer holidays in San Vito area?
Casale Porto Contessa is situated in a strategic area, in the hamlet of San Vito, distant almost 2.5 km from the town of Polignano a Mare


Bari beaches

Less known than Polignano, but equally romantic and characteristic is Monopoli.
Its historical center is one of the jewels of Puglia with a view of the port and the liveliness of the city. It is very frequented by local people, ideal for enjoying your holiday like a true Apulian.

To enjoy the city, I recommend staying in one of the B&B or guesthouses located in the historical center.

Which hotels in Monopoli have nice views?

Palazzo Indelli, got great room view-related reviews from travelers in Monopoli.

If you choose Monopoli as a destination for your summer holidays, do not miss the Capitolo beach: a resort with many beach clubs ideal for families with children. In the evening is good for the night life lovers.

To stay near the beach of Capitolo: Torre Cintola Natural Sea Emotions.

Some tourist residences offer also luxury and exclusive experiences in a beautiful Caribbean sea with maximum comfort and relax.


Ostuni, the famous white city of Puglia is 7 km away from the coast, so if you want to stay near the sea it is better to book an accommodation in Marina di Ostuni, Villanova and Costa Merlata.

Puglia Southern Italy

Where to stay in Ostuni?
La Piana Degli Ulivi located 2 km from Ostuni, with an amazing view.

This part of the coast is formed by many rocks and there are sandy coves called "the beaches of Costa Merlata".
You can choose from several coves, often uncrowded.

Puglia best beach
Costa Merlata beach is credited by Tripadvisor

For people who love unspoiled nature, they will enjoy to stay in the natural reserves of Torre Guaceto or the park of the coastal dunes: crystal clear sea and white beaches chosen by the Caretta Caretta turtles as nesting places.

You will spend magnificent days in absolute symbiosis with nature, lulled by the sound of the waves.

Where should I base in Puglia?


Arriving in Salento, you will leave your heart among its beautiful medieval alleys and its towers of this fascinating city.

holiday guide to Puglia
Otranto, Salento | Puglia

Otranto overlooks the sea and it is possible to participate in one of the many cultural and naturalistic activities organized to discover its suggestive landscapes and surrounings.
Don't miss the Bauxite quarry, trust me! ;)

Where to stay in Otranto best accommodation?
The Hotel Miramare is set in an unbeatable location right in the heart of Otranto just a few metres from the golden sandy beach

Baia dei Turchi, 7 km from Otranto, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. A corner of paradise with white sand and crystal sea.
A wide range of resorts are located near the beach and in the Alimini Lakes area: a brackish lakes ideal for spending a relax day with the family.

My tip to stay Baia dei Turchi:Aparthotel Agriturismo Vigna Corallo. The sandy beach could be reached after a short walk through a wood. 

Marina di Marittima / Castro Marina

We conclude the overview of the places on the Adriatic coast with Marina di Marittima and Castro Marina.
You can choose Marina di Marittima, if you want to stay far away from the tourist circuits where you can breathe the atmosphere of the most authentic Puglia, without artifice and frills.

There are not many accommodations here.

Relax and peace are assured and the location of the town is excellent for visiting the whole Salento peninsula. Suitable for travelling holidays.

Where to stay in Castro Marina?
 Hotel Degli Ulivi overlooking the Gulf. Ideal as a base to make a tour to the southern area of Puglia.
Things to see: Cala dell'Acquaviva (photo below), a wonderful inlet inserted in the wild nature with cold springs ideal for cooling off during the hot summer days.

Palombara cave:  small suggestive cave located in a rocky coast. If you like a Caribbean sea with its amazing colours, I recommend this boat trip.


We arrived on the Ionian Sea, on the other side of the "heel of Italy", where Gallipoli is its most popular area.

Puglia where to stay
Lido Punta della Suina credit by Tripadvisor

The city is famous not only for its ancient historical center (of Greek origin), but also for the nightlife on the beach especially in the high season such as Samsara beach.

Best accommodation Gallipoli
Costa Brada hotel with private beach 4 km from Gallipoli.

Gallipoli has two souls: in the daytime is ideal for families and relax in the beaches and the nighttime is perfect for who want to enjoy the music and dance on the beach under the starry sky of Salento.

Gallipoli offers a wide range of accommodation and I would advise you to choose a structure in Baia Verde (Hotel Risberg), an area along ​​the "Gallipoli promenade" with has many services and ideal for families with children.

Do not miss the Punta della Suina beach, fine sand, crystal and calm water, pine forest ... what else?

Porto Cesareo Bay

Porto Cesareo is a small town in Salento area, not far from Gallipoli, in the center of a splendid protected marine and bordered by wonderful beaches like Punta Prosciutto, Spiaggia delle Dune and Torre Inserraglio.

Where to stay in Porto Cesareo beach front?
Hotel Blu next to private beach.

As well as Gallipoli, also this stretch of coast is very popular for the nightlife during the summer months, while the peace and relax is guaranteed in the low season. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches, for expample Torre Chianca beach (image below).

The beaches of Punta Prosciutto and Torre Lapillo are the most beautiful in the area, with services suitable for families with children.
The beach and the seabed have a beautiful white sand ideal for relax and play, but also for more lively activities such as snorkeling or diving to discover the hidden treasures on the bottom of the Mediterranean (I warn you that there are wrecks!).

Marina di Pulsano

is puglia worth a visit
Spiaggia di Lido Silvana credit by Tripadvisor

The last place where I recommend you to stay is Pulsano: a small village in the Gulf of Taranto with its 8 km of low and sandy coast, suitable for young and enderly people.
The sea is about 5 km from the city center and it is an ideal place for family holiday.

Lido Silvana is certainly the best beach suitable for families who need a wide range of beach services, clear water, fine sand and a total immersion in the nature of Salento.

Where to stay in Marina di Pulsano near Lido Silvana beach?
 Recidence The Garden

For the wild nature lovers and unspoiled places Luogovivo and Le Canne are two other places to consider. Crystal clear sea and absolute privacy, you can anjoy an holiday experience like a real local.

Tips to travel in Apulia

- useful info to avoid surprises -

☑️ Public transport is not very organized, so if you plan to take a holiday in Puglia it is better to arrive by car or rent a car in the airport.
☑️ The tourist centers have maps and useful information about events, activities...
☑️ July and August are very popular and intensive months, so lots of beaches are crowded and the temperatures are usually very high.
☑️ If you choose Puglia for your holiday you must consider the wind. Puglia is a windy region, especially subject to the cold winds of Tramontana, coming from Balkans, and the hot Scirocco from Africa. The wind affect expecially the Adriatic coast and less the Ionian sea.
Now you are able to choose the right location to fully enjoy your holiday as a real Apulian.

What to do in Puglia?

- Total relaxation lying on the beach to sunbathe
- Exploring and tasting the local cuisine,
- Diving, snorkeling and outdoor activities.
- Visit the region to discover coves, ancient villages and the countless marine and natural protected areas.
- Trip to the Alimini lakes in Otranto.

Apulia what to see
Laghi Alimini credit by Tripadvisor

- Boat ride between Polignano a mare and Monopoli to swim in the blue waters of natural caves.
- Visit the Bauxite quarry in Otranto.
Puglia best countries
Cava di Bauxite by Tripadvisor

If the article is useful to you, or you want to suggest an magnificient holiday area for your friends and relatives, you can share the article with them or save it for a future trip.
We will update you on the next travel guide. Thanks  😉
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