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What to see in Gran Canaria: 7 days itinerary. Best attractions and the better days for visit them: parks, typical villages, street markets, beaches...

7 days in Gran Canaria
After flying to Gran Canaria, the best way to start a trip is to relax to recharge body and mind batteries. Southern beaches in Gran Canaria

Maspalomas dunes is one of the best attraction in Gran Canaria, so prepare your camera and enjoy yourself jumping on them!


Which is the better place to admire the dunes?
If you arrive by car, I suggest you to park in Calle Finlandia (free parking spaces) in Playa del Ingles.
Near Riu Palace hotel starts the path to the dunes. This is one of the most beautiful coastal pats in Gran Canaria and the best point to admire the landscape.

If you want to make a walk you can follow this coastal path long several Kilometers until San Agustin.

When you finish to admire the dunes, you can take a relaxing break on the beach in Anfi del Ma…


Shopping in Gran Canaria: tax free zones, street markets, shopping center.
Canary islands is very popular for being tax free zones. This very beneficial situation gave a boost to the economical activity in the islands for all sorts of commercial activities especially perfumes, electronic devices, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. You shall find this type of stores in all the shopping malls of the south and in the area of Parque Santa Catalina in Las Palmas. The price offers are vast and very competitive helping you to get away with a good purchase.

STREET MARKETS: handcraft is the best souvenir you can take from the island. You can find a good variety of creations in different artisan fields: pottery, table covers, handkerchiefs, fancy rags and other articles made of cloth. You can find this articles in the street market of craftsmanship and culture of Vegueta in Las Palmas (open monday-thursday 6.40-14.00 friday-saturday 6.30-15.00) and in other trad…


Opinions and advice on the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria: the biggest, the best beach to go in winter, best beaches for kids and family, white sand beaches and less windy.
In this article I'll talk about the most beautiful beaches of Gran Canaria. Some of my readers are planning a trip to this island so I thought to write a useful guide-article to direct them to the fullest. Carve out a break in a warm place all year round, it's always a good solution. Taking advantage of the favorable climate of the Canary Islands you can go back to work sporting a nice tan. To avoid making mistakes, here is a list of the best beaches of the island where you can swim and sunbathe.   

In this article we'll see in detail:

Opinions and tips about the best beaches of Gran CanariaThe most beautiful beaches of Gran CanariaGran Canaria white beachesGran Canaria less windy beaches.Most beautiful beach in the north of Gran Canaria (biggest beach).

Hotspot wifi canarias: free and paid service.

Wifi Access in the Canaries all the solutions. Free or paid service. Hotspot area maps and prices.

WIFI Gran Canaria

WIFI FREE in Gran Canaria:

I traveled up and down Gran Canaria. Only once I found free internet and it was in Las Palmas on the Las Canteras beach but I heard that from 2015 the service has been deleted. I'm not sure about this.
Anyway in this map you can see all the reported free hotspot in Gran Canaria.

If you need an occasional and sporadic use...

TIP: Find McDonalds... They always have free wi-fi access.
If you go in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria) you can find McDonalds in the downtown (usually you can sit and use internet even without consuming.)

Even in many shopping centers wi-fi service is free.
In the South of Gran Canaria you can find:.

Shopping Center El Tablero
Free wi-fi
Avda. Francisco Vega Monroy, nº21
El Tablero - San Bartolomé de Tirajana / output: 48 de la Autopista G.C.1

FREE WIFI for a Drink:

There are several internet cafes around the most popular beaches t…


Things to know before take a motorway in Italy.
This article is written by an Italian girl who works on the highway (on the A4 Milan - Venice). One of the questions that often tourists ask her when they stop in the rest area is: 
How to pay for the motorway in Italy? 
Other questions are:
How does Italian motorway work? Which is the Best Way to Pay Autostrada Tolls? Below you can read her suggestions...


Here a list of the typical dishes of central Italian regions.

If you travel in Italy, in these cities listed below, join the visit to a food and wine tour. 
Believe me... you will not regret.

Travelling in TUSCANY - TOSCANA

Are you thinking about taking a vacation in Firenze, Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, Viareggio, Isola d'Elba?

In Tuscany, on the coasts, prevail dishes based on fish as the Caciucco: famous Livornese fish soup with mussels.
The cuisine of the Tuscan inland towns is based of vegetarian dishes but that does not disdain meat including the famous Florentine steak: the meat is cut from the loin of beef.
Another speciality is the bread which the Florentines do not add salt in the dough. It is added to many savory dishes such as bruschetta: the bread is toasted with different sauces or is rubbed with fresh garlic and soaked in olive oil.