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Top Things to Visit in Syracuse | Sicily

Things to Visit in Syracuse. One day in Syracuse. Drive to Syracuse to spend the day seeing the city and the attractions. Place to see in Sicily. 

I'm Giusy proudly Sicilian. I have an apartment in Syracuse that I rent to tourists from all over the world. Photos and links at the end of the article. Now let's start talking about the main attractions you can see in Syracuse.

Things to see in Syracuse
Things to Visit in Syracuse  

Things to visit in Syracuse | best attractions

Be ready though. I’ll guide you through the top-attractions in Siracusa

Of course it can’t be an all inclusive tour, because there would be so much to see. But still, I’ll let you catch the historical value and the enchanting atmosphere of this no-time place. If you do not have a car of your own, you can benefit from the electric buses “Siracusa D’Amare” , they have three lines stopping at the main attractions and the daily ticket costs about 3 euros. 

I would suggest to start your day trip with the Archeological Park and the Greek Theatre because they are out of Ortigia and dedicate the second part of the day to enjoy the magic of the island. If you start your visit early in the morning, let’s say around 9.00, whatever your pace is, you can definetely make it for lunch in Ortigia. 

Things to see in Syracuse

visit the Greek Theatre 

It’s a magnificient symbol of the Greek culture in Siracusa. This is the place were Eschilo’s or Plato’s pieces were represented. Nowadays the activity of the theatre is vivid like in the old days. Every year the summer season of the Greek Theatre attracts tourists from all over the world. 
Siracusa best attractions
The Greek Theatre

Take the bus again and reach Ortigia. If you are using your own car, you can try to park at the “Marina”, but it’s usually full in summer, so I would suggest parking “Talete”. In both cases, a few steps and you will be in the heart of Ortigia. Have a stop at the Temple of Apollo and have a stroll along the alleys among boutiques, souvernirs and good food. 
Things to see in Syracuse
Questa foto di Tempio di Apollo รจ offerta da TripAdvisor. 

Piazza Duomo and cathedral 

Follow the directions to Piazza Duomo, a masterpiece of architecture mixed in centuries and religion. From the sides of the Cathedral it is still possible to see the columns of the ancient Temple built in V century BC. 
Siracusa day trip
Piazza Duomo

visit Maniace castle

Reach the “Fonte Aretusa”, where old myths and legends are still alive and enjoy the view of the sea while tasting some genuine Sicilian food. After the Fonte Aretusa, walk straight to the left enjoy a walk along the seaside and reach the “Castello Maniace” built between 1232 and 1240 by Federico II and that derives its name from a byzantine general. This is just a short example of how you can travel along history in a few steps. 
Places to visit in Sicily
Castello Maniace

visit Syracuse museums

Should you still have time before dinner and should you be willing to take advantage of all your time in Siracusa choose one of the museums you can find in the heart of the isle:
  • Museo Leonardo Da Vinci and Archimede di Siracusa, an interactive exhibition interesting for both adults and children
  • Museo del Papiro, that will show you how in this area papyrus is worked like in Egypt 
  • Museo del Mare, celebrating the precious relationship between Siracusa and its sea
  • Museo Regionale di Palazzo Bellomo, exhibition of famous painters like Antonello da Messina and Caravaggio 
  • Museo dell’Opera dei Pupi, celebrating this worldwide famous Sicilian art and Unesco 
  • Cultural Heritage. 
  • Museo del Cinema, being Siracusa one of the most frequent set for movies and advertisements.

Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi

The most famous museum in Siracusa is the Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi, one of the most important in Europe. You will find there the most precious prehystoric, Roman and Greek artefacts belonging to Sicily. It is not located in the island of Ortigia, but in the city, viale Teocrito, so you will probably need more time for it (which is absolutely deserved!) and one single day for all is not enough.
So many things to see and enjoy! The proposal above is just an input, but for sure you have more and more reasons to come back!

If you want more tips about things to do in Syracuse, stay in my apartment in Ortigia! I'm Giusy proudly Sicilian.

We will meet us at check-in and you can ask me anything you want, I will help you discover Sicily as a real local!
syracuse holiday
My Apartment in Ortigia

Lovely and just refurnished apartment located in the very heart of Ortygia inside the court of an elegant baroque building.
Proudly Sicilian, my apartment is perfect for max 4 guests having 1 double bedroom and 1 sofa bed. Come to Ortigia and enjoy the show!

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Written by local expert Giusy Sciacca
Updated 2020