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Top 5 SEASIDE TOWNS in Tuscany | Italy

Best seaside places in tuscany to stay for a beach holiday | Top 5 seaside towns in Tuscany:

  • Viareggio
  • Forte dei Marmi
  • Marina di Pietrasanta
  • Lido di Camaiore
  • Elba island

best seaside towns in Tuscany
Best seaside resort in Tuscany

Tuscany destinations, where to stay: beach towns, best coastal towns. What are the best beach resorts in Tuscany? Are there any beaches in Tuscany? What is the best area to stay in Tuscany? Is Tuscany near the coast? Is there a beach near Pisa Italy? 

Top 5 seaside towns in Tuscany

☑️ You can reach Tuscany by car, train or plain. The closest airport to Viareggio, and other coastal towns in Tuscany, is Pisa Airport (PSA), about 34 km away by car or about an hour by train.
☑️ Elba island can be reached by ferry from Piombino and there is also the option to bring its own car or rent a scooter on arrival.
Nice memories! How many beautiful summers I spent in Tuscany with my parents when I was a child.

Tuscany is the ideal region for a beach holiday in any season because it offers destinations suitable for different kind of tourists: families, couples, groups of friends looking for night life.
Unspoiled nature, long and wide beaches, totally equipped, high quality food and wine are just some of the strengths that make a holiday in Tuscany a perfect choice.

Best seaside places in Tuscany

seaside towns in Tuscany

Here a list of the most beautiful and popular seaside resorts in Tuscany to choose for a weekend as well as a long stay in summer months:

Forte dei Marmi

If you are looking for a seaside resort in Tuscany that have a lively nightlife but also a beautiful and long beach perfect to sunbathe, Forte dei Marmi is perfect place for you.

Since the post-war period, this seaside town has been a meeting place for celebrities and aristocrats who came here for the spacious beaches, the exclusive services, activities, events.
Here the disco concept was born with the famous Capannina in Forte dei Marmi which still attracts fans of all ages.

Nowadays Forte dei Marmi is the destination of a elite tourism, especially of Russian tycoons who have chosen this district as their meeting point.
However there are numerous accommodation options that allow you to find a cheaper hotel or private apartment close to the beach.

Shopping is certainly the strenghts of this location. The city center of Forte dei Marmi is a succession of luxury boutiques and trendy restaurants. It is an ideal destination for group of friends because there is always something to do, both during the day and the evening and it also ideal for couples who like to spend time in a lively place.
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Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore is a quiet but at the same time lively resort, full of clubs, restaurants and close to Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio and finally with very beautiful equipped beaches.

Near the promenade there is also the cycle path suitable for people who love walking, cycling and also skating.
On the waterfront there are many restaurants, clubs and every type of water activity for adults and children.

There is a beautiful pier on the sea, called Bellavista Vittoria, where you can walk or sunbathe and in the summer season many cultural events and shows are scheduled.
Closer to the most important Tuscany touristic places, Lido di Camaiore is also a perfect starting point to visit the region.
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Viareggio is known for its famous Carnival with the final parade of allegorical floats, but it is also a place that offers several kind of activities, shops, restaurants in a very lively place.

The town immediately impresses you with its Art Deco-style.  In Viareggio there are a lot of hotels, perfect for staying in the heart of the nightlife and close to the long beach.

Viareggio has a very long sandy beach, very well equipped, perfect for families with children but also for teenagers. Many sports activities can be practiced here. 

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The pine forest is perfect for walking and cycling lovers. The center and the promenade are full of clubs, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy local cuisine. Do not miss an evening in the port area to enjoy a fish dinner or a moonlight walk.

Marina di Pietrasanta

Ideal beach holiday destination for people looking for equipped and modern bathing establishments.
Marina di Pietrasanta is one of the most beautiful naturalistic locations in the whole region.
It has more then five kilometers of beaches and a beautiful crystal sea, fragrant pine forests around the beach where you can take a refreshment in the hottest hours. Tuscany is also an ideal destination for those who love trekking. In fact, besides beautiful beaches there are also the mountains from which numerous paths start.

In the city center there are several kinds of restaurants and taverns as well as a wide range of accommodations from luxury hotels to informal b&b.

One of the symbols of this place is the Pontile di Tonfano, a structure on the sea where you can sunbathe or dive directly into the water.
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Elba island

The last resort that I recommend for a beach holiday in Tuscany can only be the Island of Elba.
A vacation on an island is always something special but Elba offers a luxuriant vegetation, with gentle hills and luxuriant vineyards overlooking the sea.
Small hidden beaches with many coves and bays can only be reached by sea, for total privacy.

Elba is also rich in history. Here Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled and signs of his presence are still visible throughout the island.
In addition, the island is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park which protects almost 50% of the entire territory of Elba and, for this reason, diving into its waters is a natural spectacle.
The snoorkeling lovers can admire varieties of fish, corals in a really unique marine fauna.

The Island of Elba is perfect for your holidays with children or your pet, in fact all the accommodations and beaches are pet friendly.
Isola d'Elba hotel near the beach

That's all for today, these places in Tuscany are close to each other and absolutely suitable for a summer holiday. Whatever destination you choose, I'm sure you will enjoy your time (tip: every morning take a long healthy walks on the shoreline, you will stock up on healthy air, rich in iodine).

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Updated 2020