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How to get Cheap flights To Europe: 7 best practices and cheapest company

How to get cheap flights last minute, best time to buy tickets, key to finding cheap flights and when to book, cheapest Airline company in Europe.

I have reserved different cheap flights, sometimes very economic: a low cost flight to Budapest for one euro; a return flight to Paris for 30 euros, a low cost flight to Valencia for 20 euros...

cheapest European company
cheap flights
It usually booking a flight using the cheapest European company: Ryaniar.
To help you to get cheap flights to Europe, I will reveal a few useful tricks to save money.

How to find cheap airline tickets

Cheap flights from Usa to Europe.
Low cost airlines Europe list: the cheapest is Ryanair. Other low cost companies:
  • Easyjet, 
  • Germanwings, 
  • tuiFly, 
  • Wizz Air
  • Air Berlin, 
  • Thomson Airways
  • Vueling,.
Cheapest place to fly into Europe, find here for London:

How to get cheap flights last minute 

I often book economy flights when I go to my holiday apartment in the Canary Islands from Italy.
I often use the cheaper European Airline: Ryanair.

Let's be clear: if you are looking for extreme comfort, a buffet service, first class, a comfortable seat, this airline is not for you... It connects European cities and the flights last for only a few hours so for a good price you can tolerate a basic service.

The first thing to do is:

1. Use the best flight search engines 

For faster searching and save time.

2. Leave on a weekday

Choose a departure date in the middle of the week: usually the best prices apply on weekdays; primarily Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

3. Search offers by setting a broad time period

Get a quick visual of prices for a whole month.

For example, to find the low cost Ryaniar flights in this way, you need to click on the page "Plan" (at the top left of the homepage of the Ryanair website) and click "Fare Finder". The beauty of this option is that it allows you to get the best rates of the airport preselected from all the deals of the Ryanair flights departing from that city.

cheap airline tickets

4. Never search a flight for the day that you are interested in

Flight prices increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched so... search a flight the day before or the day following the one you want or, better, search for flights using private browsing mode.

For example if you want to fly from 24th to 30th May, it is better to search for a flight for 23rd and 29th May. I have noticed that if you check the prices every day for a specific day, Ryanair cookies track you and increases the prices to push you booking quickly.

5. Reserve the outbound and return flight separately

If you find a convenient offer for the outbound flight but the return is expensive, consider to make two different reservations. Buy the most convenient flight and wait for the outbound or return flight lower rates. Usually the offers from Ryanair are sufficiently cyclical so that they are varying considerably going from the maximum to the minimum price in a few days. Often the prices fluctuate up and down; keep them monitored and use the trick not to click on the precise day that you are interested in.

6. Book late at night

I can't guarantee that rates are lowered every night (it would be rather obvious and everyone would do it) but I often found that when booking around 22:30-23:30 I found flights with a competitive price.

7. Book a flight at least 3 months before leaving

If you find a flight for 20 € it's worth to risk booking in advance. The best deals are available months in advance.

TO KNOW: Ryanair airline does not reimburse the cost of flights which are not carried out but reimburses it only in the case of the bereavement of a relative, within 28 days before the date of departure:
This is all. With this resources you can easily find low cost flights and organize more weekends in several European capitals and visit beautiful cities like these linked below near Milano-Orio al Serio Airport:
I hope that I have made your life and your trip easier.
If you'd like to share these 7 tricks for Find Cheap flights To Europe with your friends, share this post.
Thank you and have a good flight without turbulence. I hate them!
Moira R.