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Italy: Floating Piers, Iseo Lake, Montisola

One of the 10 most important events at world level in 2016 takes place in Italy this year, on Lake Iseo, a town a few kilometers away from Milano.
A short event, called "Floating Piers" which lasts only 2 weeks (opening on June 18, 2016), but which will provide an enormous tourist flow from all around the world.

floating on lake

If the idea attracts you to walk on a floating bridge on the water of lake Iseo, in this article you find all the information for participating to the annual event.
  • Floating Piers: tickets and bookings Iseo Lake
  • Opening hours of the bridge over Lake Sebino.
  • How to get to Lake Iseo and how to reach the floating walkway.
  • Safety and rules for going onto the Floating Piers bridge.



Floating Piers: tickets and bookings Sebino Lake

Walking on the buoyant bridge on lake Iseo is completely free of charge. The only thing that is good to book in advance is the ticket for the boat and possibly the parking for the car.

The artist: Vladimirov Yavachev Christo

When you say "a name, a destiny". The artist of Floating Piers is called Christro. When you're born with such a surname you cannot refrain from wanting to "walk on water". To follow his dream, this original artist has decided to finance with his own money his project on the Lake Iseo (we talk about 10 million euros!) We have only one way to thank this artist for his homage and it is to honor his work and to touch it with our... feet! Walking on it.
Let's see together how you can participate:

What is the floating bridge on Lake Sebino?

It is a work of art made by "square" barges about 16 meters wide but the passable area will be only the central 8 meters. This "floating bridge" unites the Brescia coast with the islands that are located within the lake.

When does Floating Piers event occur?

It starts the 18th June and ends 3th July 2016

Opening hours from the Floating piers bridge?

It is 24 hours open. At night, it will be well illuminated. The "stroll" CAN NOT be booked.

Where does the Floating Piers event take place?

On the Lake Iseo. The bridge will be docked in Sulzano will go toward Montisola and the small island of St. Paul. The footbridge is accessible from any town on the coast taking the ferry or a bus shuttle (See below how to arrive).
Lake Iseo is 100km from Milan or 40km from the aeroport of Orio al Serio.

See Google Map: 
Milan Central station-Iseo,
Orio aeroport-Sulzano lake.

How long is the floating bridge that joins Iseo to Montisola?

About 4 kilometers (of which about 3 km are on the water). They may hold more than 15,000 people at the same time.

How do you get to Iseo Lake?

Yes you will be able to reach the footbridge only by boat, train, or bus from the principal parking that will be set up outside town centres.

Bicycle or motorbike: you will be banned from accessing it by bike or motorbike. They are setting up Moto parking at the State exit 510 (for now I do not have a more precise indication).

Car: parking for cars dedicated to the avent will available outsie various towns and will cost 10 or 15 Euro, +5 Euro to take the event bus and the cost of the boat/ferry ticket.

The departures towards the bridge starts from:
Lovere - Pisogne - Marone - Sale Marasino - Sulzano - Iseo - Clusane - Sarnico - Predore - Tavernola Bergamasca - Riva di Solto - Castro - Carzano - Peschiera Maraglio - Sensole. Sulzano, the village whence the bridge starts, will be closed to the traffic, except for the residents and men at work.

By TRAIN to Floating Piers: 84 daily departures throughout the event.
Cost train to Iseo: 13 EUR round trip (day pass). Family Pass: 26 €. Offer valid from any station served by Trenord service, with any Trenord train [excluding the service Malpensa Express]. Or there is the route Brescia - Sulzano: 7 € A / R

  • Here you can buy ferry tickets.
  • HERE you can see the car parking (prices and the address to reach them).
UPDATED: Now that the event is over, there are no more long waits, you can buy a ticket on site without any problems. The bridge is gone, but you can visit the characteristic island of Montisola.

It is safe to float on the bridge over Lake Iseo?

For now, the work is in progress and I have not personally tested because access is prohibited but it seems you can come up with dogs and strollers so I would say yes.
There will be many lifesavers and guardians in all boats around the course in case of need.
Of course there are rules to be respected.

Rules for getting on the Floating Bridge Piers

  • No heels or wedges (women please! Shoes: ballet flats or tennis). The artist may want to stand barefoot and I think I will accept the suggestion.
  • Nothing bicycles (must be left in the spaces as parking which will present in Pilzone)
  • ONLY dogs on a leash and muzzled.
  • Allowed access to mothers with prams or in wheelchairs disabled.

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