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CAR RENTAL TIPS: Think to know before hiring a car

The best RENTAL CARS in Gran Canaria: prices, opinions, comparison... Think to know and things not to do on your next car rental.

rent a car best companies
Are you planning to rent a car for the Canary Islands or another city in Europe?
It only takes 5 minutes to read about think to know and NOT TO DO before hiring a car in Europe.

Don't fall for the shady maneuvers of marketing! Don't be tempted by a price that, at the beginning could seem inviting for renting a car; often it could be a bait and switch that hides traps that you need to know about to better protect yourself. Today I will list the essential points which require attention when you rent a car, and explain how to do it:

  • Gran Canaria Rental cars best company (according to my experience).
  • RENT A CAR: How not to get ripped off by a car rental company. 
  • Cheapest Rental cars in the Canary islands.