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CANARY ISLANDS or BALEARICS? Which is the Best for you.

better balearics or canaries
Balearics or Canaries
Are you uncertain about which Spanish Island to choose for your vacation? It's only because you're spoiled for choices...
In this article we'll look at the differences between the Balearics and the Canary Islands in order to understand which will be the ideal destination for your next vacation.

The topics covered:

  • Balearics vs. the Canaries.
  • Best time to visit Canary islands or Balearics.
  • Majorca or Minorca?
  • Formentera or Ibiza?



Best canary island for couples, for family, for beaches, which canary island should i go to
best canary island for nightlife, for families, in January...
Holidays in the Canary Islands. Choose your ideal island between touristic towns, arid volcanic landscapes, rural hideaways and large beaches... Best canary island for winter sun, for weather in...

It is possible stay in Europe and spend a vacation in a warm place in winter. At about 5 hours' flight time from UK, you can take a vacation in the Canary Islands. I have bought an apartment in Gran Canaria: in Puerto Rico... Best canary island for weather in Winter (no windy, close to the best beaches of the island, higher temperature than others villages).

Not all the islands are equal, and for this reason it is better to decide what type of vacation you prefer and choose the destination best suited for you.

Which island should you choose? Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria or Tenerife?
Find out!
  • Where to go on Lanzarote? Best canary island for wildlife, relaxing.
  • Where to stay on Fuerteventura? Best canary island for beaches, windsurfing, wildlife, relaxing.
  • Where to find lodgings on Tenerife? Best canary island for young adults, retirement, Families, nightlife.
  • Where to go on Gran Canaria? Best canary island for beaches, gay social life, retirement, Families.