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Where to Advertise Apartments for Rent Online. How do I list an apartment for rent? Top Websites for advertising your property rental listing. Vacation rental listing sites. 

For years I have used the best Websites for advertising my property rental listing in Gran Canaria, Spain. In this article  I'm introducing 7 great free rental listing sites. The most effective sites that I use and other lesser known sites that you can use to promote your property.

How do I list an apartment for rent
Top websites for advertising a property rental listing

How do I list an apartment for rent?

Here a list of the best Websites for advertising your property in 2020, where you can sign up and post an ad, to give greater visibility to your property and receive more bookings. How to rent holiday homes to Germans, Americans, English, Spanish, French, Italian...

1. List Your Apartment on AirBNB

The best website to advertise unusual accommodation (tree houses, caravan beds, boat ...), private apartments or rooms.

One of the first sites that I used to promote my vacation apartment with excellent results. I have had tourists from all over Europe, Russians and some Americans.

If you want to share your space on Airbnb, you can subscribe using my referral link (a profile that I manage), you can earn around $ 23 / euro after hosting your first guest, as an extra bonus.

➩ click here to list an apartment on Airbnb  (free listing)

list a room on Airbnb

2. List Your Apartment on MisterBNB

On MisterBandB you can list an apartment, a villa, hotel, B&B or a room.

Misterbandb is a website dedicated, primarily, for Gay and lesbians so, if you decide to list your property here, there should be no prejudice or personal limit in hosting them.

TO KNOW: Hosts and guests are NOT all gay. I am heterosexual and I use it without problems. Subscribe by identifying yourself as "gay friendly".

 List an apartment on Misterbandb

To sign up to Misterbandb as a traveler or as a host, you can use the promo link to get € 10 travel credit and the chance to win another € 500. It is valid both for traveling or to list a property.
➩ click here to list your property rental on MisterBNB (free listing)

3. List Your Apartment on

One of the most consulted sites, by tourists from all over the world, to search for a property for their holidays.

With this link, you DO NOT pay the percentage to the site (15 or 18%) for the first 5 bookings you'll receive. UPDATE: this promotion ends on April 28th 2020 so if you are interested to register a property on Booking do it before the deadline.


4. List Your Apartment on Expedia Group

The Expedia Group has an extensive brand portfolio that includes leading online travel agencies (OTAs) and brands, such as:

- Homeaway


1. Your property is marketed on over 200 travel booking sites; in more countries and 35 languages.
2. Helps you generate bookings through a wide range of channels.

By listing your property on one of these partner websites, you will automatically enjoy the visibility of Expedia.

Tip: As soon as you register your property, as an incentive, you enjoy greater visibility on the site (VRBO and Airbnb) so I advise you to wait for the "Coronavirus Covid-19" issue to be resolved so that when people start traveling again, your AD will have more visibility.

5. List Your Apartment on

The most used website by British tourists to search for a property for their holidays anywhere in the world. To be favored if you want to attract tourists from this country.

In the pic below, you can see some of the bookings received after listing my property on I have received reservations from partner sites like Abritel (France), Ownersdirect (UK) and Fewo-direct (German).

vacation rental listing sites, Expedia family group included:

- (New Zealand)
- (Austria)...

You can create an Ad and set your price, dates, rules... 
Put your home in front of a global network of travelers looking for the perfect match: 190 countries.
A dedicated support team is ready around the clock to make sure that everything runs smoothly: 24/7

6. List Your Apartment on VRBO

The most used website by US tourists to search for a property for their holidays anywhere in the world. To be favored, if you want to attract tourists from this country.

7. List Your Apartment on

Another vacation rental marketplace is
By listing your property on, you will automatically enjoy the visibility in partner websites. This site is used, primarily, by tourists in the United States of America.

What are the most popular apartment rental websites?, Airbnb and Expedia group.
Using these 3 sites you can be sure to have worldwide visibility and attract tourists from all over the world, not just tourists from your country.

I'll let you sign up for all these sites. Soon I will make other articles on the topic "Holiday Rentals".

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Updated March 2020
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