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BERGAMO Italy: best area to stay

Bergamo is a lovely city located in the center of Lombardy, 50 km far away from Milan.

The city is divided into 2 parts:

  • BERGAMO ALTA - UPPER TOWN (called Città Alta) a medieval gem,

Bergamo what to do and see
In this article I will talk about the medieval city of Bergamo.
A city easily accessible from the airport of Orio al Serio, or for a day trip from Milan.
You can read useful information about what to see and do in this Lombardy city.
  • bergamo italy points of interest
  • bergamo italy map
  • bergamo things to do
  • 3 best accommodation in Bergamo, for your need.


GRAN CANARIA BUSES, public transport e other useful info

Things to Know Before arriving in Gran Canaria: What to do when you land at the airport LPA, bus, car, taxi, Free maps to download, video, The Canary climate. Accommodation.

Today I want to share with you the travel guide that I provide to my guests who stay in my apartment in Gran Canaria.

gran canaria holidays
gran canaria travel guide

Instead of spending the whole afternoon looking for information here and there on the web, I did it for you hoping to make your life easier.
With the time saved you can calmly prepare the suitcase.

In this guide to the Things to Know Before arriving in Gran Canaria, I'll explain:

  1. What to do when you land at the airport LPA
  2. Transport available on the island: buses, taxi, transfer, cheap rental cars
  3. Find Wi-fi, hotspot areas
  4. Cheapest Grocery store in Gran Canaria
  5. Climate
  6. Gran Canaria Free maps to download
  7. Application for mobile / tablet
  8. Gran Canaria main beaches to see
  9. Main Street markets and Places to visit in Gran Canaria.
  10. Gran Canaria Health care: Useful phone numbers: police, hospitals…
  11. Shopping in the Canary Islands (Transport Rules customs)